There’s something truly magical about a winter wedding. Maybe it’s the air of the holiday season, maybe it’s the gorgeous scenery of fresh-fallen snow, but in recent decades winter weddings seem to have exploded in popularity. While strappy heels and outdoor venues may not be suitable anymore, there are tonnes of perks for having a winterbridal-393049_1920 wedding, most especially the accessories. If you’re planning a winter wedding and need a boost of inspiration, look no further. I present to you the top 3 most unique and appealing accessories for winter weddings.

Accessory #1: Bridal gloves

They’re très elegante, not to mention you can customize them to whatever fits your wedding style needs. Lace? Satin? Attached? Detached? Bridal gloves are the number one perk of winter weddings because they’re so appropriate and easy to get away with (not to mention much warmer than bare arms!). You will definitely feel like a princess on your special day.

metal-2375_1920Accessory #2: Snowflake embellishments

These can be incorporated in all sorts of things: hair combs, tiaras, nail designs, even napkin rings! To make sure they don’t straddle the border between classy and tacky, avoid making the size and stature of the snowflakes too large or obnoxious. The key to keeping snowflakes charming within accessories is to keep them looking delicate.

woman-578428_1920Accessory #3: White coat

Seriously, when can you ever get away with a white coat during a summer wedding? Bridal coats can vary in style and material, depending on the aesthetics of your wedding. Some brides prefer dainty satin coats that just cover their shoulders and upper arms while others love the coziness and trendiness of white fur. The options are endless so the choice is yours!

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: non-traditional bouquets (containing pinecones, ornaments, etc.), embroidered veils.


by Stefanie Cimini

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