If there’s one exciting thing about wedding planning it’s being able to taste test all the different flavours of cake. And if that isn’t enough, you can design the most unique piece (with the right budget, of course). This is where you can make your vision come to life. Designing a cake is one thing but actually bringing it to life is something else. This is where a cake artist comes into play.

To help you understand what a cake artist wants, I asked Sonia J from Sinfully Sweet to tell me the three most important things she wants her clients to know.

The difference between a cake designer and a cake decorator.

A cake designer creates edible works of art as a career choice. He or she knows how to make a structurally sound cake that will withstand transportation over bumps and potholes. A cake designer puts time into learning the craft and always refreshes necessary skills to be up-to-date with the latest trends. A formal education might not be a requirement for a cake designer, but it certainly helps when it comes to perfecting that made-from-scratch vanilla cake!

Why price ranges are so different from one designer to the next.

Clients are always asking why wedding cake prices are vastly different from one designer to another. It really depends on the designer’s skill level, the cost and quality of the ingredients, overhead costs and the time spent creating the cake. Some designers’ prices start at a minimum of $1,500.00 whereas others may start at $500.00. It’s important to remember that when you go to a well-known designer, you are not only paying for the product but also the brand.

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Purple Canvas Photography – Audrey

We designers crave creative freedom with our clients.

When clients come to me to create their dream wedding cake, they’ve already researched a design they want me to recreate. This is completely fine, but what I always tell my clients is that this is YOUR day. You and your partner have a unique relationship, so why not have a cake unique to you? As a designer, I look for creative freedom with clients. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to showcase my artistic creativity and give you a wedding cake that is unique – one that you can look back at and remember it was designed just for your special day.

Remember, every artist is different. Just because one artist wants a certain type of client doesn’t mean another artist feels exactly the same. Just make sure you both are on the same page and the final product will be exactly what you want!


by Bianca Guarnaccia


Featured Image: Dave Abreu Photography – Charlotte and Hermann

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