Ah, the wedding toast. One of the most sentimental moments a wedding can offer. Whether the bride is your sister, the groom your best friend, or maybe you were responsible for setting the pair up, a wedding toast is a special honour that, if bestowed upon you, shouldn’t be taken lightly. While it may seem easy and harmless enough to share your thoughts and feelings about the couple, there are many dangerous routes than can lead to the bride to tears of anger over happiness. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, consider the following before putting pen to paper:

champagner-toasting-new-year-s-eve-drinkDO avoid drinking too much before speaking.

Chances are you’re not planning on relaying your wedding toast superbly inebriated, but it’s tempting to have a few drinks before delivering the speech to calm the nerves. While this may relax you temporarily, it can also risk some bold improvisation. You don’t want to be responsible for repeating that one inappropriate story in front of the groom’s ultra-conservative grandparents.

DON’T mention any exes.

Sounds easy and straightforward, right? You’d be surprised. Granted, most couples tying the knot are in a mature enough relationship to understand that other relationships did indeed exist at one point (and can be mentioned from time to time without any drama). However, even if there’s no bad blood, there isn’t a good enough reason in the world to include a quick jibe about an ex in the toast. It breeds awkwardness and that can put a real damper on anyone’s special day.

pexels-photo-64057DO run the speech by somebody.

To avoid any possible blunders you may have overlooked when writing, make sure to run your speech by somebody else whose opinion you trust. There may be a memory or joke hidden somewhere that seems harmless, but from another perspective could spell out disaster. If you want to keep the toast a surprise to the bride and groom, try reading it out to someone who can give you the most accurate perspective of how the couple will react. They may even contribute an idea that will take your speech to the next level!

DON’T hold back on the good stuff.

Whether you want to make the speech funny or serious (or maybe a bit of both), don’t hold back on the cheese factor. Wedding toasts are meant to make people cry happy tears, and it’s likely going to be one of the best memories the couple carries from the wedding. Be sincere, be thoughtful, and don’t hold back on anything your heart offers. Unless it’s a joke about an ex, in which case, see above.

by Stefanie Cimini

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