Doesn’t it always seem like the ladies of the twentieth century had style figured out way better than we do? The glitz of the 20s, the elegance of the 50s, the edginess of the 80s…how can we compete? Lately it seems like trends just keep recycling themselves, a clear indication that vintage is forever “in.” And for most admirers, a vintage glam wedding is purely magical. To keep your wedding on the stylish side rather than the antiquated, try the following suggestions.

The Dress

Consider the unthinkable: a short wedding dress. It sounds blasphemous, but a tea-length wedding dress can be simply adorable for vintage brides. Off-the-shoulder styles and sheer, lacy quarter sleeves add the perfect classy touch to these beauties. As a bonus, this way you can really splurge on the shoes.

The Accessories

Think lace (and lots of it) and brooches. Gloves and parasols can match this theme perfectly and also add an extra vintage touch. But why stop there? Your wedding garter may be a small and intimate accessory but it can be just as glamorous. Another great thing about the vintage trend: white doesn’t have to be white. Ivory, cream, champagne and even pale pink are pretty vintage shades that don’t have to be shied away from. by Alishba

Purple Canvas Photography – Audrey

The Hair

Have you ever seen those demure, elegant birdcage veils that slyly shield the bride’s eyes? They add a sultry touch to your look and are more than fitting at a vintage-inspired wedding. Decorate yours further with flowers and brooches, or keep it simple and sophisticated.

The Makeup

It’s all about the lashes. The classic black winged liner and big, full lashes are a staple makeup look for vintage brides. It’s flattering on virtually anyone and can make any eye colour pop. You can pair it with bold red lips circa 1950, or keep it understated with pink or nude lips.

The Nails

This one’s a bit tricky. Your best bet for vintage-inspired nails is to channel Audrey Hepburn: keep them clean and tidy with no varnish or stick to a classic French manicure. Simple, classic, timeless.


by Stefanie Cimini


Featured Image: Marcie Costello Photography – The Great Gatsby

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