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Ladies, whether you want to admit it or not, at least 85% of you have already created a “Wedding Board” on Pinterest. Some of us keep it private and others have it open for all to see on their page. Even though between most of you, styles range and dreams look different, there is one similarity – this board is a diary of your thoughts for what your future wedding, engagement and even honeymoon should look like. Between now and the time these events actually take place, many trends and factors in your life could change, but that’s the beauty of Pinterest: you just delete, pin and start again!

Pinterest is a great resource to help put all your thoughts in one place and there is something for everyone. The site is very easy to use and the mobile app is even easier. You can type in keywords of what you are looking for and instantly images that match your interests will flood the screen. The hard part if navigating through wants, needs, and projects you may save for later. Pinterest has also helped grow the D.I.Y. aspects of weddings, helping crafty Brides take a more active role in the theme or decor of their big day.

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Recently I was speaking with my friends about engagement rings and as we were describing the styles we wanted we found it hard to verbalize our dream. So naturally we pulled out our phones and went to Pinterest, typing in what we liked and words we were using to describe that ring.

Wedding “pinning” is a great way to prepare you for the big day, especially if you have a long engagement. This valuable research can help you find the right vendors, location, season and colours for your wedding. Screen shot 2016-04-18 at 10.52.50 AMRemember to always keep in mind that unless the word “budget” is included, not all vendors can reproduce exactly what you are looking for within your desired price range. Your board works well, especially when you are working with a wedding planner and most can help you narrow down your board to determine what specifically you are looking for.

So have fun making your board and enjoy planning your dream wedding. Click on the photos to see where I pinned them from!

by Sarah Zoschke

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