You are engaged. Now what?

It can be a bit of a puzzle figuring out whether to hire a planner for your wedding, so here’s a list of commonly asked questions to help you manage this big decision!

What is a wedding planner?

Wedding planners are professionals experienced in wedding coordination, so naturally they know what to expect in the months before and on your big day! If you have questions or need insight or even creative input, these are the people to ask.

What can they do?

For a lot of people, planners offer peace of mind. It can be pretty challenging to find the time to plan a huge event between all the busy things in our lives like work, family, and other commitments – so if you find yourself already too busy to dedicate enough time to planning, deciding whether to hire a planner or not can be a pretty pivotal call. If money is a concern for you, planners can also help keep the budget under control. Hiring a planner can allow a couple to relax and enjoy the process instead of drowning in details – and it’s like having a shortcut to getting the job done!


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How does it work?

Before you make the decision that you want help planning your wedding, it’s important to figure out how much help you think you’ll need! Many coordinators and planners will offer multiple levels of coordination, ranging anywhere from full coordination to month-of or even day-of coordination. Full coordination is the handling of the planning process from start to finish, including assistance with aspects like venue selection, vendor selections, and executing the prep work and the event itself. Month-of/day-of coordination usually means the planner jumps into the planning process about a month from the event to assist with organizing everything you’ve set up for the day.

If you’re really stuck for planning inspiration, some planners will also offer consultation services on an hourly basis to help you figure out your perfect wedding vision and where to start.

What should I look for?

Just like with any wedding vendor, you should always look for someone to whom you can relate, with whom you are comfortable, and who can understand your vision. You should always ask for a portfolio and references to make sure you pick someone with plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to wedding planning, and be careful not to let the prices decide for you. It can be a good idea to spend a little more on an experienced and knowledgeable planner, as they often find other ways to save you money! Remember, it’s just as important to have a connection on a personal level as well – it will help keep the stress levels down. Think of it as like a round of speed dating. If you sit down in a consultation and aren’t immediately satisfied with the way things will be handled, that isn’t the fit for you and it’s best to move on!

When should I decide?

If you decide to hire a planner to help with your wedding, remember that this is a case of “the sooner, the better”! As soon as you and your partner figure out how to plan your wedding, expect to book a planner roughly nine months to a year before the wedding date. If you need something more customized, it’s best to ask your chosen planner about options right from the outset of planning.


by Nadine Lamanna


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