When planning a wedding, it is important to not only pick a theme and colour scheme for your decor, but also to take into consideration the meaning behind why we choose what we do. For example, we love flowers. But what is the meaning behind each one we choose? Here are some flowers perfect for a Fall wedding and why you might want to choose them for yours.

1. Cymbidium orchids

These delicate, exotic plants represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. Ancient Greeks believed that eating this flower could help determine the gender of their unborn child while the Ancient Chinese saw orchids as the representation of human perfection. During the Victorian era, the symbolism behind orchids grew from virility to luxury, magnificence and splendour. Orchids now convey a sense of affection and charm with a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom and thoughtfulness.

Fall Bouquet (Raph Nogal)

2. Rose

This flower is the ultimate expression of love. It comes in many different varieties and colours and usually has five petals. Originally from China, the meaning of these flowers differ based on the colour that you choose to go with but we will focus on the most popular – red. A red rose states “I love you” and even the number that is given now has “secret meanings”. Six roses means “I adore you”, fifteen mean “I’m sorry”, twenty-five mean “Congratulations”, fifty mean “I love you no matter what”, one hundred mean “I’m devoted to you” and finally, the one we are most interested in, one hundred and eight red roses asks the question “Will you marry me?”

3. Rosemary

This herb is now seen in fall bouquets for the more rustic bride of Mediterranean, Portuguese or Spanish descent. The herb is spun with many legends and traditions including it’s nickname “Rose of Mary” for the virgin Mary, where the rosemary bush was used in a few places in the Bible, and in another myth, where a woman had been turned into a rosemary bush which clung to cliffs where enchanted inhabitants would throw themselves off of, to remind men of the ever-renewing power of good in the world. Rosemary still is the symbol of remembrance and love at weddings and is used to prevent nightmares by putting the herb under your pillow at night.


4. Hypericum

These flowers are associated with cheerfulness and inspiration and also have been used in medicine to relieve depression. Because of it’s inspirational meaning, it is a popular flower for those who are creative, artistic and for the bride that may have DIY elements in her wedding. This flower is also known to be given to those who are starting a new path in life. Since a wedding falls into that category, this is definitely an appropriate flower to use for your big day.

5. Calla Lillies

The most common colour of calla lilies, white, has always been associated with holiness, faith and purity. Other colours, however, have many different meanings. The pink variety denotes admiration and appreciation, while purple means royalty and passion. A yellow calla lily has many different meanings but the main one is gratitude. Finally, the black calla lilies, even though they are not actually black but more dark purple, mean elegance and mystery.

Whatever type of flower you choose, go with what speaks to you and reflects your personality and your theme. Happy Planning!


Photography: Raph Nogal Photography • www.raphnogal.com

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