Like any other element of your décor, your wedding cake is meant to reflect your tastes – and we don’t just mean flavour! Curious about some of the best ways to decorate your dessert table? We’ve compiled some of the biggest trends so far this year in wedding cake details, so pick your favourite or mix and match to create the wedding cake of your dreams!


If you’re the kind of person who loves a little bit of bling on everything, this trend is for you. Roll out some fondant, paint on an edible metallic paint, and voila! You have the perfect cake to complement any glamorous bride’s big day.


Sugar flowers have come a long way over the years! Today’s sugary blooms could easily be mistaken for the real deal, and they bring a new level of sophistication and romance to your wedding cake.


Formed sugar and fondant create a perfectly sweet look for any true romantic’s wedding! Arrange in soft flowers like this, or detail onto the cake itself to add a little soft glamour to your dessert table.


This is the cake for you if you’ve got a soft spot for anything homemade and unique. This style of cake lends your wedding a soft, romantic and natural feel. If you aren’t much of a baker yourself, get a family member to make this for your wedding, or even get it made professionally – we won’t tell!


If you aren’t a fan of cutting an enormous cake for your numerous guests, maybe cupcakes are for you! Artfully decorated and arranged on tiered plates to resemble a traditional wedding cake, these little beauties are very easily portioned out to every guest.


by Erin Green


Featured Image: Rhythm Photography – Savannah

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