Whether you’re in the mood for full-fledged adventure or laid-back relaxation, there are endless options when it comes to your honeymoon. Do you prefer snow over sun? Beaches over cities? Seclusion over companionship? Whatever your style, there’s a honeymoon location perfect for you!

pexels-photo-58737For the adventurous, try…

Costa Rica

Eco-conscious and adventurous couples should definitely consider the magnificence of Costa Rica for their honeymoon. With plenty of trails to hike, parks to visit, exhilarating activities to do and exotic animals to see, you’ll never feel bored. Plus, when the two of you do decide to relax for a bit, the gorgeous beaches can provide a zen safe haven.

pexels-photoFor the romantic, try…


It seems clichéd, but maybe cliché is just a fancy word for classic. Regardless of the endless amount of options for romantic honeymooners, Italy will always take first place. With such rich culture, delicious food and fantastic wine, it’s difficult to justify jetting off anywhere else when Italy’s an option. Head over to Verona for a classic Romeo-and-Juliet feel, or check out Positano for a cozy seaside backdrop to your vacay.

nature-mountain-volcano-asiaFor the exotic, try….


For a honeymoon that provides both thrilling culture and zen relaxation, Bali may be the best choice. Rent a cozy villa and do yoga on the island or check out the many temples the city has to offer. There’s a reason Elizabeth Gilbert spent 1/3 of a year there and wrote an international best-seller about it!

For the socialites, try…


It sounds random but believe us, if you’re looking for some fun you won’t regret it. With an incomparable nightlife and exciting amusement parks, you can find almost anything to satisfy your energetic lifestyles day or night.

photo-1445560302902-faf947ee9413For the budget-savvy, try…


Similar to Italy in its extensive culture, Argentina is a dream and fairly inexpensive in comparison to some other locales. Tours and guides can come quite cheap (or even sometimes free) so it’s easy to get immersed in cities like Buenos Aires without getting lost. Try dining in a local café and take advantage of the fascinating nightlife without breaking the bank doing so.

by Stefanie Cimini

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