The first common mistake in our Top Ten series is the budget. It’s so easy to plan a wedding without keeping the money in mind, but that’s a surefire way to get into trouble! Here are some of the most common trouble spots in wedding budgets.

1. Working Within Your Means

It’s easy to plan above and beyond for your big day, but don’t forget to keep your comfort range in mind. Set a limit on spending, and stick to it!

2. Ignoring the Price Tag

This is THE best way to get yourself into trouble when planning a wedding. Go ahead and look at all your dream items, but make sure to think about how much they’ll cost.

3. Falling For Something You Can’t Afford

You love that designer dress, but it’ll destroy your budget completely. This is a heartbreaking mistake, but it happens – and it’s better to cut costs here than on something important like food. Besides, you can always search for something that looks similar and falls within your price range!

4. Skimping In All the Wrong Places

Keeping a handle on your budget is one thing, and you may opt not to have things like wedding favours to save money. However, things like gifts for the wedding party should not be cut – these gifts show your appreciation.

5. The Order of Business

You probably want to get everything done at once when you’re planning a wedding, but it’s important to have a structure for your planning. First should come budget, then comes guest list, and venue should only be selected once the other two are settled.

6. Making the Cut

Another place you shouldn’t cut the budget is the guest list – especially after you’ve sent invitations. Plan your guest list early, keeping it within your budget, and work around it to avoid embarrassment later.

7. The Venue

You’ve had your heart set on that cute little hall since you got engaged, but planning a venue should only come after you settle budget and guest list. Otherwise, you could have a venue that costs too much, or doesn’t house all your guests, or even both!

8. Forgetting the Vendors

You’ve been extra careful in accounting for every guest’s possible needs, but did you know you should account for your vendors as well? They’ll be at your wedding all day without breaks – you’ll need to make sure you feed them as well as your guests, and plan this into your budget.

9. The Wedding Planner

You may think that not having a wedding planner is a good way to save money, but be careful when you do this. Remember, they’re professionals who, in addition to making your day run smoothly, can even help you stick to your budget.

10. Hidden Costs

You’ve thought of everything, and you’ve double-checked all your prices and extra fees with your vendors, but it’s still a good idea to have a little wiggle room in your budget in case anything surprising pops up. Don’t get caught unawares on your big day!

by Erin Green

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