Photo booths are very popular at weddings nowadays. It’s a great way to create lasting memories and have some laughs, and to encourage guests to let loose and enjoy themselves! Once you’ve got your booth booked, here are some ways that you can customize your photo booth experience to make it an even more memorable part of your special day.


Themed Props

If your wedding has a specific theme, be sure to let your photo booth provider know. Having themed props to go with your photo booth makes the experience even better! For example, if you’re having a Great Gatsby styled wedding, be sure to have top hats, champagne glasses, cigars, and other period. Having the right backdrop to fit your wedding theme can make all the difference with your photo booth.

Custom Backdrop

You can get a custom step-and-repeat style backdrop with your names on it and a red carpet so that your guests can have a VIP experience, or you can get even more creative and use a flower wall or a painted mural for your backdrop! You can also use details like balloons and fringe curtains to add a bit of personality. This can make your photos look even more beautiful!

Scrapbook photo

Print Layout Designs

Most photo booth companies will customize the layout of the prints that guests get to keep. Use this opportunity to get creative! Photo booth prints are a great keepsakes for your guests, and these little gems will likely be favourites with your guests for a long time. You can get the designer to customize the layout to suit your wedding theme – for example, model it with your wedding invitation or menu colour.

Tip : If you are using a patterned backdrop, like a damask design, it may be a good idea to keep the layout design simple so that the final product doesn’t look too cluttered.

Wedding Example 4x6 Smaller

Wedding Favours

Using a photo booth is addictive! Many of your guests will likely take photos over and over again. The only downside to this is that sometimes there is no place to keep all the prints! They can get crumpled and ruined as the night goes on. One way to ensure that your guests have a photo to keep for a long time is to turn their photos into party favours like magnets and bookmarks, or to put them into acrylic frames and cardboard folders or frames so the photo is kept safe.

A wedding photo booth isn’t meant to be a sideshow, tucked into a corner of a banquet hall! It’s designed to complement your wedding décor and to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Want to know more? Contact The Selfie Spot Photobooth for more ways to get creative with your photo booth.

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