When I was 13, I attended the event of the season. My cousin wedding day was the most magical event – and it wedding-864911_1920sparked my love for weddings! From the engagement photos right through to the reception, I was swept up in all things wedding-related. I happily sat through the discussions and planning, daydreaming about my own wedding one day.

On that sunny day in August, I entered a church lined with bright colourful flowers. I sat down with my family and watched the most romantic event unfold before my eyes. My cousin wore an amazing fairytale dress as she walked down the aisle toward her husband-to-be, whose eyes shone with love. The ceremony was beautiful and touched the hearts of everyone there. After the ceremony, the reception was held down by the water and pictures were taken as the sun was setting over the lake.

I loved all the planning that went in to wedding-837409_1920the wedding – the reception, the dress, the guest list, the seating! From that moment on, I wanted to be a part of weddings in any way I could. A year after the first wedding, another cousin of mine got married. It was another great experience, a country chic wedding set in a small white chapel with lavender accents. It truly expressed the personality of the couple!

In both cases, I experienced the true meaning of a wedding – to express the couple’s love and share their wedding story with those close to them. I was fascinated by all the planning that goes into making the most magical day of your life. So when you are planning yours remember your guests – you never know when you’ll inspire someone!


by Sarah Zoschke


Note: Images are not of the weddings described in this piece.

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