The Hartman Church, before turning into someone’s home in the sixties, was built originally in 1863 to strengthen the sense of community that the locals shared back then.  For over a century, it was a space where the people could congregate in solidarity to worship in the church or simply enjoy social gatherings in the hall or on the grounds.

Today, maintaining much of its original charm and architectural details with some new added modern elements, we are sharing it once again with the public.

IMG_20150922_174915The Hartman offers unique and current space available to rent for your next event with fully equipped kitchen (outside catering is permitted).  Our venue is ideal for weddings, ceremonies/celebrations, corporate events, cooking demonstrations, book signings, yoga retreats, or any other occasion while enjoying art exhibitions, intimate musical performances, chef table meals, and seasonal celebrations. You can also participate in hosted events like culinary and visual art classes, wine making, and more.  The gallery is also open during all private events.

IMG_20150922_174400 On Tuesday, September 22nd, Alex and  Sandra Lianos hosted an evening to remember at The Hartman, inviting wedding planners, event planners and photographers, along with members of The Wedding Planner Magazine. We were warmly greeted by the couple and given the grand tour of the grounds, the main floor, and the art gallery located above. Our team was in awe as we looked upon the winding iron staircase that led to the gallery. If you remember, this staircase has been showcased before in our popular Versailles shoot in our Summer 2015 issue!

Read more about the couple below:

Alex and Sandra“As teenagers, we used to dream together.  Not knowing we would marry each other one day, we used to think about how great it would be to remodel an old church into a unique and contemporary home because of its vast open space and large windows.  Of course our friends thought we were a bit strange!  After all, how many teenagers think about real estate at their age, let alone flipping a church?

About a couple of years later, being a fine arts major in university, Sandra would also talk about curating her own gallery one day.

Well, after more than 20 years of life leading us in different directions, we finally found the path to the Hartman Church.  It has become our dream come true. We hope that everyone will enjoy it with us.”

IMG_20150922_175027 As more guests arrived, the aromatic smell of the food, prepared by celebrity chef Marianna Galloro, filled the air and the spread on the table disappeared into the stomachs of those surrounding. There were pears with blue cheese wrapped in proscuitto, butter tarts and brownies, locally-made jam, fresh vegetables and fruit, crab cakes, meats and cheese, and my favourite, a chocolate brownie torte! A selection of cold brewed teas were offered as the beverage of the evening – a nice compliment to the spread.

IMG_20150922_174956In the back room was an old fireplace and vintage tea sets and trays, set up to show photographers and planners what could be achieved for a bridal shower, photo shoot or wedding. The Hartman Church was very nicely transformed to be The Hartman Gallery and Venue, a perfect venue for an intimate celebration or event.

To get in touch with Alex and Sandra or to book The Hartman space for yourself, you can visit their website at or Let them know we sent you!

More photos from the event:

IMG_20150922_175442 IMG_20150922_175001
IMG_20150922_175010 IMG_20150922_174859 IMG_20150922_174854 IMG_20150922_174850 IMG_20150922_174843IMG_20150922_174353 IMG_20150922_174311 IMG_20150922_174302 IMG_20150922_174254

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