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In December of 2013, I received an exciting message from a good friend telling me he was planning on proposing to the woman of his dreams. A few days later, that proposal became an engagement and that is where I come in. The budget had been set, the timeline was created and work had to be done. Oh yes, and one last detail, this couple was currently located in Chicago, USA and the wedding was to happen in Ontario, Canada…with only a month and a half to plan the entire 110 person wedding. The couple would be in Ontario for two weeks during the entire wedding planning process and would arrive for their wedding two days before the ceremony. I had never been in this position before, however I would not turn down this challenge.

I started planning immediately and contacted every hardworking vendor I know. I called Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall and George and the staff there took care of my request right away. I also called my friends over at Lavish Limousine to hook up T & E with an amazing Hummer Limo to transport them on the day. A photographer that attends the church hosting the ceremony, Shelley K Photography, was willing and eager to make herself available for this couple’s nuptials. During the two weeks that the couple was visiting Canada, we were able to purchase a gorgeous Sottero and Midgley gown, guest book and veil from The Bride’s Project. We visited some local craft stores and found an abundance of fake flowers, gemstones, an easel, some glass vases, petals, and ribbon to create a beautiful, lavender setting for the venue (center pieces designed by myself, bouquets designed by the groom’s mom). I contacted Energy Events to rent table cloths for the reception. We were lucky enough to have the groom’s family friends bake over one hundred vanilla and chocolate cupcakes to create a cupcake tower (stand from Michael’s) and a we bought an 8″ cake for the top from T&T Supermarket. The bridesmaids found their own lavender dresses online and the men were able to buy suits making them look sharp. I contacted DJ Jermaine Wall from Cabinet Collective who was able to create a pre-mixed track for the evening that our sound person would be able to run flawlessly on the night.


As preparations were being made through the help of Event By Me, an online event planning platform, T & E were busy creating the guest list for the wedding of their dreams. The guest count ended off at 108 from online RSVPs and the days were just flying by. Finally, hair and makeup was booked for the bride and bride’s mom through Angela Petrovacki at Bellezza Makeup. Several bridesmaids, the bride and the bride’s mother are musically gifted so the bridesmaids would play violins as the bride walked down the aisle, the bride’s mother would sing a special song for the day, and the bride would sing her vows while playing the piano. The total time of the ceremony was set to be one hour and from previous experiences, I knew that at least a half hour buffer time would be needed.

February 1, 2014 – the day was finally here. The ladies got ready at their hotel and the men at the groom’s house. The limo was right on time picking up both sets of the bridal party while the groom made his way separately to church. Everyone was lined up at the door and the ceremony started as the bridal party smoothly swayed down the aisle to Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E. As the bride and her father entered the room, everyone was silent with anticipation as she walked toward her beloved groom. The ceremony was beautiful and all elements worked well together to create a lasting memory for everyone there. They were married and were ready for the party to begin!


They took pictures outside (brrr!!) at Unionville Main Street, a local street infamous for wedding photos, and then dropped them off at the hall with an hour to spare! The reception started as the bridal party entered, once again to L-O-V-E for their grand entrance and T & E made their way onto the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife to Beauty and the Beast. The mother-son and father-daughter dances followed and then dinner promptly arrived. The appetizer salad, chicken and beef entree and ice cream cannoli were delicious. During the dinner, the best man, bridesmaid and T & E gave wonderful speeches. Following that, a game was played and the center pieces were given away. The rest of the night surrounded the dance floor as guests showed off their moves until the party ended.

This experience, although new and at first unexpected, was an amazing testament to when two people are in love, nothing can stop them. I wish T & E all the best in their new life together and hope to see their amazing honeymoon pictures soon!

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