The Beauty House was created by two girls with a deep passion for all things beauty. Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Toronto, they are Toronto’s premier beauty destination! They offer highest quality services and products and most importantly, piece of mind. They believe in their brand and are sure that you will as well!

RO-TBH-75A free consultation is included with every visit, our certified esthetician, micropigmentation specialist or eyelash extensions masters will be more than happy to go over any of our treatments with you and answer any questions that you might have. Every woman is unique and so should be the beauty service that she is receiving. We pride ourselves on matching the perfect treatment or a look for each customer to enhance their natural beauty.

Editor & C.E.O. Carmelina Karas visited The Beauty House on a lovely Thursday morning, ready to be pampered by the professionals and experience what is available for Brides and their Bridesmaids before the wedding.

Carmelina explains, “I was warmly greeted as I entered The Beauty House, a cute little townhouse on Stewart Street in the heart of downtown Toronto, and was brought upstairs to start the pampering process! First, they did an anti-aging/balancing treatment, after reviewing my skin type and seeing where the problem areas were. They asked if I was ok with extractions and I agreed, understanding that beauty is pain!”

Glamour portrait of beautiful woman model with fresh daily make-up and romantic wavy hairstyle. Fashion shiny highlighter on skin.Here are the steps taken in Carmelina’s facial:

1. The skin was cleansed with Lait Hydro-Nettoyant, a gentle milky cleanser for all skin types.
2. The skin was then toned to help balance the pH level and a chemical exfoliant was applied since Carmelina’s skin was too delicate for a mechanical exfoliant. This exfoliant is gentle enough for rosacea skin but strong enough to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal, brightening the skin allowing penetration of the other products.
3. The extractions took place and then excess moisture was removed.
4. Microdermabrasion was then used to clear the skin’s surface for the oxygen infusion.
5. The oxygen infusion used a nourishing/balancing mask, massaged right into the open pores. After a minute, the oxygen was infused into the skin along with nutrients from the mask. The oxygen infuser allows your skin to absorb moisture, increases its brightness, and builds up collagen to detox the skin.
6. The mask was then massaged again for about a minute and removed with a hot towel.
7. An anti aging serum was applied and began a light efflourage massage was performed to help collagen production and penetration of the products.
8. A soothing mask, which helps calm and soothe redness in the skin, was applied so the skin absorbs the anti-aging serum. This mask was left on for 20 minutes.
9. The mask was removed and toner was applied once again to balance the skin’s pH.
10 Finally, the multi vitamin moisturizer + SPF was applied.

Carmelina shares, “The facial was so relaxing! At one point during the massage, I almost fell asleep. After that was done, I was taken into another room to get ready for my eyelash extensions. I have never had eyelash extensions before so I didn’t know what to expect but I was told that once you get them, they are addictive!”

20151015_141316Here is what happened next:

1. The eyelash extensions chosen were the very popular 3D volume set. The eyelashes are prepped by cleaning the lashes, then applying a primer to help ensure no residue of products or oils are on them. This helps them last longer!
2. Two gel eye patches were applied underneath the eyes to hydrate the area and promote the production of collagen.
3. Three lashes were applied to each one of the natural lashes to achieve the 3D volume, and are placed in the shape of a fan.
4. Once both eyes are done, an air blower is used to seal the glue and the lashes are combed to ensure both eyes are even.

Carmelina says, “I got up from the recliner after the eyelash extension application was done and immediately went to the mirror. My jaw dropped. They were gorgeous! I couldn’t believe that I was going to get to wear these beauties for the weeks to come. Mei did an incredible job and I am happy to show them off!”


Finally, it was time for the final phase of pamering – the makeup application. Here is a list of the products that were used to create Carmelina’s final look:


  • Eve Pearl Powderless Powder Base
  • Makeupforever HD Foundation
  • Elizabeth Ardene Concealer
  • Anastasia Beverley Hills
  • Contouring Palette
  • Smash Box Nude palette
  • Sephora Waterproof Black Eyeliner
  • Mac Rose Lip Liner
  • Sephora Natural Pink Lipstick
  • Elizabeth Ardene HD Translucent Powder

“After the makeup application was done, I was given a cute little “goodies” bag that had samples of some of the products that were used during today’s facial, a mascara wand to help brush out my lashes, and a contoured sleeping mask to use while I sleep to help protect the lashes. A big thank you to everyone from The Beauty House for making this experience so great! I can’t wait to show off my lashes when I go out to all my events!”, Carmelina shares a final word.

To get in touch with The Beauty House:


Address: 49 Stewart St, Toronto, ON M5V 2V8

Phone: (416) 365-1419





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