Your wedding day is the most memorable time of your life, and you’ll want your guests walking away from it with a memento they’ll truly cherish. To thank them for coming and supporting not only your wedding but the start of your life with someone new, and to thank them for the amazing gifts they chose to give you, you want to pick the perfect favour – and if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! There are plenty of unique ways to thank your guests.

If you think your guests would like something practical, try to pick gifts that they’ll use the moment they sit down. Mints are a common pick, and are always used throughout the wedding and reception. Chocolate is another good go-to, along with matches, bubbles and candles. Each one is easily produced in mass quantities, and they’re also great for screen-printing your names. These are gifts that your guests will look forward to – instead of sitting on shelves, these gifts will be used.

If you want your guests to know you’re thinking of them, pick a heartfelt little keepsake to give out at your wedding. This could include jars of homemade jams, handwritten letters, or even personalized champagne flutes – anything that shows your guests you care! These gifts are best for smaller weddings because cost and numbers can become a concern.

Picture frames are a great way to give your guests a memory to cherish. Personalize these frames with your wedding date and encourage your guests to put in their favourite photo booth pictures, and you’ll know these frames will go up on the wall at home so they can share their memories with others! This is the perfect gift for those older guests who would love a printed picture of the event. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members will cherish this gift!

Thank you letters are very important to remember! Whether you are planning to give your guests a little gift or not, be sure to give them a thank you letter to show that you care and that you appreciate that they took the time to join you on your wedding day. Make sure your letters are handwritten and sent out shortly after the wedding so your guests know you’re thankful to them! If you want to add an extra personal touch, add a picture of you and your partner or of you and the addressee.

When you’re planning your gifts, remember to have fun with this and to enjoy putting the finishing touches on your wedding planning!


by Sarah Zoschke


Featured Image: Randy Lange Photography – Pretty in Blush

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