You laughed at his dumb jokes, he let you ruin his new shirt when you cried at The Notebook, and you’ve managed to support each other unconditionally to this day. Now you’re finally getting married and you’ve completely forgotten the most important gifts of all – the ones for each other. Show how much you care by choosing one of the following 5 gifts we’ve compiled for you – it may not be as emotionally-compelling as your vows, but it never hurts to give a little extra something.

5. His & Her’s

You can go with towels, mugs, salt & pepper shakers – the options are endless. While it may not seem that exciting at first, you can definitely take this gift to the next level if you get creative and scour Pinterest/Etsy for a night. Also, this is possibly the most pragmatic gift you can give each other at this point in the game.

photo-1457369804613-52c61a468e7d4. Books

You can go the really amorous route and gift each other your favourite works of poetry – seriously, can you get anymore romantic? However, if neither of you are particularly crazy about poetry (or even literature in general) you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of books out there for even the most stubborn readers. Whether you choose to gift a specially-bound copy of Romeo and Juliet or the particularly hilarious Book of Awesome, you can never go wrong with a visit to the local bookstore for a special gift.

3. Coupons

Cheap, easy, and ultra effective. Get creative and make your future spouse some coupons to show how appreciative you are of them. Some ideas you can use: one free massage, a week’s worth of doing the dishes, one month of laundry on me, etc.

photo-1432139555190-58524dae6a552. Homemade dinner

You can plan it together or leave it a surprise, but make sure to go all out. That means candles, mood lighting, music, and good quality ingredients. This will not only give you guys a night to unwind before/after the hectic mess of the wedding, but it will also give the two of you a chance to reconnect amidst all the excitement.

1. Couple’s massage

Splurge a little with this one. It’ll be worth it.

by Stefanie Cimini

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