photo-1430799593721-27f43821710dNow that you have booked your engagement photos it is time to make them look awesome. Think about the theme you desire, where do you want to take the photos and what resolution do you want them in (black and white, Sepia etc.). By having all of this planned ahead and speaking with you photographer you will be able to create the best photos to represent your engagement.

For the setting think about the place that represents you and your engagement the most, by choosing the place you will be able to pick your outfits with no hesitation. A general rule; make sure your outfits are solid colours. For example if you love the beach then think about wearing lighter colours and fabrics versus in a park you may want darker and warmer fabrics. Also try to coordinate with your partner to make sure that you compliment each other. Both wearing white shirts and beige bottoms will be a great photo that will look great in Sepia filter.

photo-1431037242647-4c2c27cb5bb1It is important to speak with your photographer while you are planning the photos. Listen to them when they share their ideas and discuss your vision as well. They may also have the perfect spot for your photos or know the best area to take them. When it comes to poses follow what your photographer says, it is their job to make you look good.

It is important to describe to the photographer what your vision is for the poses and how you see your photos turning out. By having open communication with your photographer the photos will look amazing.

When it comes to taking awesome photos my last piece of advice is: try to be relaxed when taking the photos and above all have fun, your love and excitement will be sure to shine through. Enjoy!

by Sarah Zoschke

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