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A wedding is a beautiful and glorious event. It brings together two people who want to spend their lives together. While the event itself and the meaning behind it are wonderful, the day, for better or worse, can be pretty darn hectic!

In the spirit of all things 818. Here are 8 helpful tips from a wedding pro to help any couple get through the day with ease so that they can enjoy the moments as they come.


We get it. A wedding is already so expensive, that most couples think ‘why spend more money on a planner when we have family and friends to help?’. A good wedding planner will not only help with the planning process, and potentially help you save money with industry connections, but they will almost always save the day. Find one that’s experienced, credible and that you have a good chemistry with. They are there to handle any issues that arise throughout the day behind the scenes, and to pretty much handle any and everything so that you can enjoy your day and soak it all in. It’s more than likely that Auntie Sue doesn’t carry a first aid kit, lighters, and extension cord in her purse. You need someone that’s got it ALL under control.

(Assistant getting that ‘veil in the wind’ effect. Planners will do it all for their clients!)


You can plan, plan, plan, but no amount of planning can stop traffic en route to the church or a guest showing up with a date you didn’t include in the headcount. If you have a planner, they can handle almost any dilemma or drama, but otherwise, stay calm and don’t stress. Everything can always be resolved or revised. Going into your big day, you’re already filled with so many nerves and emotions. Don’t worry if your guest tables only have 2 tea lights on it instead of 3 – it doesn’t matter. Enjoy your day for what it means with the partner you are about to share your life with. The guests won’t go home thinking ‘there should have been more uplighting’ if they had a great meal and did the twist with grandma.


And I mean this in the sincerest and a non-offensive way. Just because your girls are your besties, doesn’t mean they are “bridesmaid material”. Let me explain a bit more. Being a bridesmaid, while most think is all fun and glam, is a LOT of work. It requires commitment – like showing up to multiple dress shopping expeditions and fittings, and throwing showers and bachelorettes. It requires money – bridesmaid dresses generally aren’t cheap, and let’s not forget about the shoes and accessories, and again, the showers and bachelorettes. And it requires being supportive – leading up to the wedding and the day-of. It’s a long day and the focus is on the bride, groom and details. With that being said, find a maid/matron-of-honour and some bridesmaids that can support you before and during the wedding. You will need the support. You will also need someone who doesn’t mind holding your dress while you pee – it’s proven to be a challenge to do solo.


Pick the things that are most important to you and focus on those things. Well, besides your partner of course – focus on them too. If a great party atmosphere is your priority, then spend your money and your attention on a great MC and DJ to get the party started and keep it going. If you care more about food than décor, then focus on great catering. Unless you’ve got an unlimited budget, prioritize your desires and don’t try to do it all. With this mindset, you can really emphasize what’s important to you as a couple instead of stressing over every single aspect of the day and doing it over-the-top. You want your wedding to be special, I know, but you don’t have to blow the budget, or do things you don’t love just to make family or guests happy.


We know, your cousin Sal’s best friend Marco is a dj. He really gets those fists pumping at the summer parties. But… does Marco have a contract? What if Marco’s speakers blow? What next? And your cousin Jen has a friend Tina who is a great baker who can do your wedding cake. Great! – but then what happens when Tina puts real flowers on the cake and all the guests get sick? Not so great! Friends make great guests, but when it comes to hiring vendors, it’s best to hire vendors that have experience, knowledge, and great references. As the host of the party, you want to ensure everything goes as planned, and that you’re getting the best service. Free or ‘cheap’ isn’t always worth the risk.


Sounds so simple but it’s not as easy to remember as you think. The day starts and doesn’t end until almost 20 hours later. Nerves take control of you and an appetite loses you. You’re rushed from here to there all day long and food becomes the last thing on your mind. On a long day like this, a person needs their energy to make it to the finish line. Pack a little snacks and drinks bag to keep close throughout the day for yourself, your partner and your bridal party. This way everyone has the fuel to make it through the day so that those shots at the open bar don’t go from 0 to 100 real quick.


Today is the day you will likely feel different than you’ve ever felt before. Nevermind your own nerves, you’re constantly swarmed by your bridal party, your family, guests and vendors. Communicate your needs before and during the wedding. Don’t bottle up. If you need something, ask for help. If you’re not happy with something, share it. Don’t silence your feelings and then regret it. Most of all, communicate with your partner. Remind them you love them and the reason for this special day. Be sure to check-in with each other to ensure that the day is going as you envisioned it.

8. Lastly, TAKE A MOMENT.

Take time with your new hubby or wife. Do this both right after the ceremony, as well as the day following wedding day. The wedding day flies by so fast. It’s on the clock. There’s an itinerary (especially if you have a planner). It’s so important to stop and really embrace your surroundings, your partner, and the moment. Don’t let the day come to an end and you haven’t taken it all in with the person you’re sharing it with. Photographs will never amount to the experience itself. It’s also an exhausting day, so be sure to use that moment to put your feet up (literally), and loosen your dress for a minute (or two).

                               With these little tidbits of advice, surviving your wedding day will be a breeze.



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