Some live by the notion that rain on their wedding day is a sign of good luck, while others dread even thinking about it. No matter which school of thought you belong to, if you are looking to have an outdoor ceremony, reception, or wedding photos – you need to plan for it.

Plan B Location

You’ve had that perfect rustic barn or historic village laid out in your mind as the backdrop of your new spouse’s and your wedding photos, but if it rains, your day will be ruined. Right? Maybe not. There are alternatives that friends, family or even your photographer might know about that could serve the same purpose. Just make sure you talk about these possibilities and sort out your Plan B well before the day. What about your ceremony or reception venue? Some of the more seasonal outdoor locations will already have a “Rainy Day” plan set out for couples that book with them for their special day. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to include this plan in your contract just in case you find your Plan B space is double booked with another wedding.

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Have Fun with Rain Props

If you need or want to be out in the rain, the options for creative photography are endless! Grab some cute rain boots, a matching umbrella and hike up that dress! We have seen some very unique rain photos in which the photographer takes the couple’s picture using a puddle: the light reflects off the water, creating a stunning effect. An impromptu “trash the dress” (or at least “trash the skirt”, anyway) could serve as a fun memory to look back on. After all, those mud stains will come out with a well-trained dry cleaner, right? Just remember, if the forecast is calling for rain, it might be a good idea to have a backup dress or outfit if your photos are between the ceremony and the reception.


Don’t Worry

Above all else, don’t worry! Your wedding day is about you and your spouse tying the knot and starting your lives together. Things may not go exactly as planned, but when does anything in life ever do? Have fun, smile, and cherish the memories the two of you make while surrounded by family and friends.

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