When it comes to your engagement photos you want to make sure these photos capture the romance and passion of your relationship. It starts with finding the perfect photographer. At this moment take the time to meet with many different photographers to discuss their style and vision but to have them understand your relationship. You also want to pick the photographer that has a style you love, one that encompass the passion in your photos.

pexels-photo (2)Once the photographer is booked the next thing is to look at the location for your photos. Plan a place that represents something you love. If you are a fan of sailing maybe take your photos at a beach or sailing club. Another common place is the park or forest area where you can get those romantic private photos. You should also keep in mind the date and weather as well as time. Spring photos for example, you want to plan a day that has no cloud cover and a time of day where there is the most light.

pexels-photo-45644The little details are important to plan. Think about your outfits, if you want to coordinate, or if you have a specific style for each other. Both you and your partner should be well groomed, think school photo preparation because these photos are around forever. Brides, think about getting a manicure before your photos to be able to model that gorgeous ring.

Once all the details are booked and planned get ready to take amazing photos. Details and planning are important but don’t forget the main reason for these photos, to document the moment in time that you are the most happy and in love. Enjoy!

by Sarah Zoschke

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