When the planning’s all set and done and the wedding day has finally passed, it feels like you can finally sit back and relax for a while, right?

Not exactly.

clerk-business-businesswoman-busy-41272The annoying thing about our bodies is that they have a tendency to physically show the effects of mental and emotional strain. You can imagine how, after months of wedding-induced stress and anxiety, our bodies may want to fight back a bit, and this may only breed more stress and anxiety the minute we look in a mirror. The important thing to remember is that luckily, these physical signs of turmoil are only temporary and finally with some down time you can heal yourself in no time.

Stress Effect #1: Problem Skin

Stress wreaks havoc on our skin first and foremost. Acne, breakouts, rashes, dryness – you name it. The first thing you can do to remedy this is reset your diet and water consumption. What you put into your body can make a world of a difference, so spend some time upping your fruit and veggie intake while guzzling down a few extra cups of H2O. If you’re on honeymoon, this is also a great opportunity to relax a bit and let your body go from its fight-or-flight mode to its rest-and-digest state.

Stress Effect #2: Yo-Yo Weight Gain/Loss

Wedding preparation can often take a major toll on your body’s natural weight. From the busyness of planning to dress fitting to cake tasting, it’s common for weight to fluctuate significantly before and after the wedding, and not always in the healthiest way. If stress, anxiety, and dieting have resulted in you losing or gaining too much weight too quickly, you can get your body back to its natural state by re-setting your diet and staying active in whatever ways you can. Try to avoid those tempting juice cleanses and “detox diets,” as they have the potential to further shock your system in their extremity. Stick to whole grains, protein, and lots of plant-based foods and your system should detox itself naturally.

coffee-cup-bed-bedroomStress Effect #3: Sleeping Patterns

From last-minute wedding emergencies to catching up on missed work, sleeping habits are the easiest to mess up thanks to the aid of daily stress and coffee. Luckily, it can be the easiest bad habit to fix, which can help significantly in regulating the rest of your bodily functions. If you have the common pitfall of being unable to sleep until the wee hours of the morning, try tucking yourself into bed an hour or two earlier than usual and testing out some methods to help you fall asleep faster. Music, podcasts, and reading are all generally helpful, but everyone is different and it’ll take some time to find the right one for you. Stick this out for a few nights and eventually your body should regulate itself accordingly. If your sleep troubles persist, consult with a doctor, as the reason behind it may be more pressing.

by Stefanie Cimini

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