Bridesmaid dresses. You either love them or totally hate them. Spending money on a dress you have to buy because your friend has a certain vision doesn’t cut it anymore for the working girl. After all, everyone spends a lot of money during wedding prep – especially bridesmaids.

Think of trends in the last few years. So many outfit options have been popping up in our everyday wardrobes, but why aren’t we incorporating them into bridal wear? We want to be as trendy as possible, coming up with excuses just to buy outfits that are on point. What if we used a wedding party as an excuse to spend money on something that we actually really like? Here’s a list of trends that could definitely replace bridesmaids’ dresses.

600x900Crop Tops

Every store nowadays has a crop top selection in every type of material and style you can dream of. So why not use it for a bridesmaid dress? If you’re going to get a dress made, you might as well make an outfit that your girls would wear for a night out. It’s trendy and cute and can be made in any colour you want. Maybe not everyone is the same size, but if outfits are properly tailored to the body then everything will look amazing.



ml_0242_largeTulle Skirts

This is definitely a fun one. I can’t tell you how many Instagram accounts I see with businesses just selling tulle skirts. They are so cute. Olivia Palermo wore this as her wedding dress and honestly it worked so well. This piece gives just as much comfort as it does class. Pair it with a really basic top or dress it up with some jewellery. This works for all ages.





How can you say no to this one? I’m sure at one point you’ve contemplated buying one but they don’t always fit right. This is one piece you can design and make to fit like a glove, and it’s sexy and serious at the same time. All you need is the right colour and neckline and this blows everything else out of the water.




Every bride is different and visions of how you picture your day are real, but remember that this is something you can really have fun with. Let the girls pick their own style and you can work it to make it yours and theirs.


by Bianca Guarnaccia


Featured Image: Shelly Spithoff Photography – Sylwia and Mike

Image 1: Tobi

Image 2: Morning Lavender

Image 3: A’GACI

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