On your wedding day you want to take this opportunity to be unique. Choose the accessories that best represent you and your style. This is your time to choose the gorgeous earrings you have your eye on or shake things up with a hairpiece instead of a veil. Take the time leading up to your wedding to truly find the pieces that will tie your whole look together.

For your hair conventional pieces are the veil, whether it is long or short, lace or embellished this piece is great to frame your over all look. Unconventional pieces are great for showing off your hairstyle. If you have an up do then a clip, headband or vintage hair piece works really well with perfecting your overall hairstyle. These hairpieces will further show others your unique personality.

Screen shot 2016-04-01 at 1.53.57 PMA new popular accessory is the message bracelet. These are solid gold or silver bangles that have a message engraved in them. They are perfect for providing the bride with a cute message on her wedding day. There are other bracelets to look for like a simple chain or a charm bracelet. If you are someone that has a special bracelet or need to wear one these are the must haves for you. Try the “Julie” bracelet from Accessories by Talia.

Necklaces are very similar; choose your preference between gold or silver, look for shorter chains that won’t interfere with your overall dress. Like the bracelet, if you have a special necklace then this is the perfect time to wear them.

Screen shot 2016-04-01 at 1.52.51 PM

“Rachelle” by Ilieana George Couture

Earrings, you can choose those special ones but you can also wear ones with colour. This is perfect if you are looking for “something blue.” Try the “Rachelle” earrings from Ilieana George Couture for this look. Earrings all depend on the choices you make with your hair, whether you have it up or down will determine the choice of length and simplicity.

Shoes are rarely seen especially if you have a long gown. You can choose the shoes that fit your comfort and personality. If you love bright colours, hot pink heels are a great choice. Love flat shoes then look for silver or gold to match your theme. Shoes are dependent on you and your fashion.

The great thing about accessories is, it’s ultimately your decision. You choose which ones are the must haves, which will complete your look. Enjoy!

by Sarah Zoschke


Featured Image: Ilieana George Couture

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