Meet Danijela of LilChick Cupcakes.

She started baking when she was a still a child, but at the time didn’t realize that baking and decoration would become her true passion. She loves making sweets of all kinds – but her true mission is making people happy, one cake at a time.


She loves creating new and exciting cake art and often, her biggest competition is herself. As she puts it, her design style is unusual because her inspirations sit in her head for quite some time before they become actual cakes. Sometimes she’s happy with these designs just the way they are, but other times she’ll completely change the idea while keeping the theme and custom design.

Danijela always uses natural and quality ingredients for her cakes. She enjoys making traditional buttercreams and is always looking for new and innovative ways to capture ideas in her sweets and cakes.

Art plays a large role in her cake decorating style and one of her favourite canvases is a cake with a buttercream as smooth and clean as fondant. She enjoys playing with various other styles, including islomalt wafer paper, rice paper and of course, sugar! Flowers are a favourite decoration and whether you’re dreaming of a grand and spectacular cake or a simple and elegant one, she can make it happen.


Danijela is a “sugar angel,” involving herself in lots of charity projects that are near and dear to her heart.

If you’d like to get in contact with Danijela, visit the LilChick Cupcakes website or email her at

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