Your wedding dress is quite possibly the most valuable clothing item you will ever own. Make sure to keep it top notch by adhering to the following tips and tricks before, during, and after the wedding!

photo-1459204195697-4de88edf3ab1Before the wedding…

Forget the plastic. This means plastic bags, plastic hangers, etc. For one thing, the plastic will emit fumes that will discolour the dress over time. For another, storing your wedding dress longer than a week or so in a non-breathable environment can damage its quality, and you don’t want to have to worry about the process of getting it re-cleaned right before your wedding (or worse, having to buy a new one).

Skip your crowded closet as possible storage space. While storing in a dark and dry environment is ideal, a crowded closet doesn’t allow the fabric of your dress to breathe. You don’t want your dress sitting in stale air for months on end.

Resist the urge to hang your dress. Unless it’s made of a light fabric, hanging a heavy dress can allow gravity to wreak havoc on the seams and this can cause some serious potential damage. Instead, try wrapping it in a cotton sheet and storing it flat, away from anything that may ruin it.

On the day of…

Spray the smell away. If you’ve had your dress in storage for a while it may smell a little musty. Put away that bottle of expensive perfume and freshen it up with a little DIY spray consisting of 2 parts vodka and 1 part water, misting it lightly on any particular parts of the dress that smell a little funny. It will neutralize odors without leaving you in a cough-worthy shroud of fragrance.

Be careful with food and dress changes. Eating and drinking are your biggest risk factors when it comes to staining your dress at the wedding, so try your hardest to stick with white wine over red and being extra careful when eating anything particularly saucy. Make-up stains are your next culprit; dress changes can notoriously leave small smudges here or there of eye shadow, foundation, etc. so keep an eye out or place a thin shirt over your head when making quick changes.

When in doubt, fix the problem immediately. Stains, however hard we try to avoid them, can sometimes be inevitable. Make sure to have stain removers handy for when crisis strikes and be vigilant about removing the stain ASAP. Some favourite homemade solutions are club soda for wine stains, baby powder for oil-based stains, and lemon juice for coffee or tea stains.

photo-1432105265591-e769ab4f8d13After the wedding…

strong>Get it cleaned ASAP. If you have any salvageable time before the honeymoon, get your dress cleaned. The longer dirt and oil sit on your dress, the harder it is to get out. You’ll thank yourself later.

Location, location, location. Make sure to store your dress away from sunlight, moisture, humidity, and any possible damages (e.g. nearby where the cat sleeps, in the attic with all the leaks, etc.). Where you choose to store your wedding dress is nearly as important as how you choose to store it.

Annual check-ups. If you remember to be careful, check your wedding dress every few months or so to make sure it’s still in good condition. As time passes you can stretch this out to yearly check-ups or space it out further, but it’s always a good idea to check on it every now and then (especially when you have curious children who don’t understand the concept of boundaries quite yet!).

by Stefanie Cimini

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