Getting engaged and planning a wedding is an important time in your life. You may know exactly what you want your big day to look like or you may not know where to start. Either way, when you start looking up the pricing of what wedding vendors and items cost, you may be in for a shock!

When surveyed, most couples thought their wedding would cost between $10,000 to $20,000 but in reality, you should budget for around $200 per guest. This means that if you are looking at 200 guests, your budget should be closer to $40,000. But what if you just can’t afford that? This is when D.I.Y. projects and separating your needs from your wants comes in.


food-restaurant-hand-dinnerDo You Need All That Food?

Depending on your culture, you may be expected to have a 2, 3, or even 10 course meal. The catering and venue will take up approximately 60% of your entire budget and so you can either cut the guest list or the menu. Ask yourself if you really need the antipasto bar versus the antipasto plate or the additional pasta and seafood courses or just the chicken and beef. When looking at your dessert course, if your catering menu includes one, you only need a cake for 65% of your guests. Also, rethink the late night buffet options if your meal is very heavy as that additional course can add between $5 to $10 extra per person.

Guest List

The best advice anyone gave me when choosing a guest list is this: If you haven’t spoken to them in the last year, and you will not speak to them in the following year (and they are not family!), then why are you inviting them to your wedding? It helped me create an A list and a B list so that the guest list did not get out of control. The best way to not offend guests that did not make the A list but may be invited when someone declines is to put your RSVP earlier than usual to give you enough time to send an invite out to your B list.


There are many wedding items that you can create yourself, especially if you are an avid crafter. However, make sure that you have set aside the appropriate time commitment for the project and have adequate skills to pull off what you are envisioning in your head. You don’t want items to look cheap and you also have to remember that if you are not hiring a vendor in a certain area, you need to get someone to set it up for you. Easy items to D.I.Y. include wedding stationery, favours, non-floral decor, and bridal party gifts.

For more ideas on how to stick to your wedding budget, you can speak to a wedding planner for some advice. They always have tips and tricks on saving money and what fair industry pricing should be.

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