Kate MacKenzie is a wedding planner and event stylist, but could be more aptly described as a project manager – as each wedding is nothing short of a white-washed glitter-splashed project of love. She leads her clients and each couples’ wedding teams with the philosophy that no one part is greater than the sum of its parts: without a selfless group-think approach, it’s near impossible to produce a seamless event.

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Kate MacKenzie is a product of a diverse creatively-driven background.  She began flexing her artistic streak as an aesthetician in New England, and then relocated to Halifax as a color trainer and freelance makeup artist while attending Dalhousie University for psychology (you’d be surprised how much that comes in handy!).  Upon meeting her own prince charming, Kate, her prince, and her mini wiener dog trekked to Toronto where she managed a small multidisciplinary clinic downtown.  Managing and directing promotions and small events at the clinic snowballed into an enormous passion for designing and managing event details.  Handling any old event was not Ms. MacKenzie’s forte – it was the chaos and impeccable attention to detail of a highly emotional milestone that charmed and seduced her into the business of weddings.

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As a wedding planner, I lead my clients through the engagement process as fluidly and efficiently as possible.  Specifically, I assist in:  Allocating your event budget, sourcing appropriate and compatible vendors based on style and budget, providing insight and suggestions to enhance the wedding celebration and pre-wedding parties, offering etiquette tips and rules of thumb to act as general guide to navigating family politics, and creating a comprehensive client file that acts as the event ‘bible’.  In a nutshell, I represent team “you”.

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On April 22nd, Kate has corralled an incredible group of wedding professionals who not only are wonderfully talented, but are like-minded in their philosophies of achieving a common goal for a shared client, or in this case, 30 brides to be. “Blushing Brides” will be held at The Richmond at 477 Richmond St. W in Toronto. It is a 2-part event that will feature a beauty bar with an exclusive 45 minute makeup trial for each guest, followed by a sit-down cocktail + cuisine pairing : presented by Beretta Kitchen and Fresh Pours. Brent Miller LIVE will be performing throughout the evening, and Magnolia Studios will be capturing all the action as it happens.

If you would like to learn more about the event, please visit: Blushing Bride Toronto

To get in touch with Kate for your next wedding or event, please visit: Kate MacKenzie Weddings

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