Jay Sese is a talented live event artist I met at the Toronto Charity Bridal show last month. Brides, grooms and vendors flocked around his booth eagerly waiting for their turn to be transformed by his magic ink and paper into a caricature keepsake. Since I was in and out of the show that day, Jay took a picture of me holding the Winter 2013 issue of the magazine that was being handed out at the show and promised to unveil his masterpiece at a later date.

The wait was worth it. I smiled as I gazed upon the 2D version of myself and instantly saw the value in having a live event artist at every special occasion. What an amazing takeaway for guests to have as a memory of your special day, corporate event, birthday party or other gathering! I had the privilege of seeing the initial outline of the drawing and the final product and both were beyond my imagination. As soon as the images were sent to me, I had to know more. I instantly visited his website and browsed what seemed to be endless options of creating 2D images of friends and family. Comic books, wedding favours, superhero drawings, bridal party portraits – the list went on and on.

Jay has appeared several times on Slice T.V.’s “Four Weddings Canada”.  His work has appeared in yearbooks and magazines and has been displayed at McMaster University, Mohawk College and in Hamilton’s City Hall.  Awards include Board of Governors’ Drawing Award and Co-op Mural Award.

The artist can illustrate anything, but specializes in portraiture using pen, pencil, coloured markers and acrylic paint.

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Jay Sese is a fine artist for caricatures, realistic portraits, Marvel style comic book illustration, Japanese manga and anime, commercial art, illustration for publications, websites and digital media.

Event Artist: will draw 15-20 portraits per hour for live events (weddings, retirement parties, corporate functions, etc.).

Custom Artwork: Highly detailed portraits, commercial art, illustrations for publication and websites.

Proudly based in Hamilton, artist Jay Sese looks forward to creating something for you.

Contact: Jay @ (905) 574-5388


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