Minds have been tantalized and imaginations ignited through the talents of Jack: Magical Arts Specialist. You want your wedding to be unique. Jack understands that. He will take your wedding and creates an element of magic that will engage, excite, and leave your guests begging for more. His job is not to steal the wedding show away but rather to enhance it. Jack’s tricks are effective icebreakers as his specialty is to unite the two families together during cocktail hour by getting them to work as a team on a trick.


Jack has performed for small shows, corporate events, cruise ships, birthday parties, fundraisers, and weddings. As a performer, he has evolved as his abilities have grown and matured. This is not a magician that shows up to put on a “show” and then is done: his goal is to take you away from the everyday world and transport you to the fantastical world of magic.

For thirteen years, Jack has demonstrated the strength of dreams and passion and works tirelessly to materialize his goals into a tangible reality. At the tender age of six, his mind whirled furiously to understand a magic track that his grandfather had shown him. It was from that moment, that he understood his true calling. Fascinated by the craft, he would watch other magicians perform and wanted to do the same. Off he went to start his magical journey.


Many have claimed that the foremost rule of magic is to never reveal how a trick is done. Jack does not subscribe to this belief. He does, however, warn those inquisitive minds, that when he shows his method, it will ruin the magic trick for them. The world of magicians can arguably be divided in two camps: those who create the tricks and those who perform them. Jack does both, teaching only those who desire to perform. When reflecting back on how he booked his first magic show, Jack reveals that a fellow passenger on a bus asked if he would perform at a birthday party. Says Jack, “I feel embarrassed now about how simple the show was. I’ve grown a lot as a performer since.”

Thriving on challenges, Jack endeavours to find ways to achieve mastery of difficult tricks, even those that seem impossible. Once he’s mastered a trick, he will then work to find ways to make it even more elusive and magical. He points out, “Anyone can make a coin levitate in his or her own hand. I want to make it levitate off of someone else’s hand clouded by smoke.” With Jack, you will never see him perform the same trick twice.


At one time, people believed the magic acts being performed were impossible. Jack strives to bring that feeling back into the hearts of his audience: to leave people, causing them to question their perception of reality. He wants to perform magic around the world, and watch the reactions of various cultures to the tricks he is featuring. He enjoys more intimate shows where people can see his tricks up close rather than being up on a stage.

Pricing for Jack’s performances depend on the amount of people, the location and venue, and the date. More information can be found at whoisjack.ca or by email at info@whoisjack.ca.

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