Young, old, somewhere in between – there’s always a place for children at a wedding. In a day and age where families come in all sorts of dynamics, nuptials shouldn’t be shy about coinciding. Traditional methods are always great, but why not try something different? Never forget, your wedding day should reflect you and your significant other’s new love for one another, but it shouldn’t forget the value of family.

Young Children

The Classic: Ring-bearer/flower girl

Try Instead: Bride’s little helpers

They will feel just as important and it’ll give your wedding a charming touch. Have children help usher people to their seats and pass out programmes, or ask them to hold the train of your dress as you walk down the aisle. Just be prepared for some giggling and restlessness. The great thing about this is that it gives children a sense of importance while letting them stay off-track a little bit without messing up your big day.


The Classic: Groomsmen/bridesmaids

Try Instead: Preparing the vows

Teenagers typically act as part of the wedding party and while this can still be a tradition you’d like to uphold, try having them prepare the vows as well. Don’t you remember how new and enchanting love was in your teens? Having a teenaged perspective on your new love could really give your vows a captivating magic. It’s like falling in love for the first time all over again!


The Classic: Walking the bride down the aisle

Try Instead: Contributing creatively to the ceremony

Your adult children don’t necessarily need to solely be involved through the wedding party. Many people have many talents and you could use some of your children’s to contribute to the wedding itself. Is one of your kids musically inclined? Has a band? Have them perform for your wedding. Does your child have a knack for interior decorating? Have them in charge of the layout for the ceremony (or have them involved in it). There are lots of ways your child can be a part of your special day without just being physically present. Plus, it’ll make the wedding that much more personal.


by Stefanie Cimini


Featured Image: Randy Lange Photography – Pretty in Blush

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