When picking the perfect wedding day hairstyle, you want to take into account your face shape and the accessories that you would like to include. If you are doing a long or short veil, your hairstyle should complement the accessory. It is a great idea to have these accessories before you choose your hairstyle – pick a few and try them out to make sure you love them.

Once it gets closer woman-919047_1920to the wedding day and you have picked your style, use that time to test out the hairdresser that you have hired. Doing this gives you a chance to see what your hair will look like on your actual wedding day and will give you a chance to change it if you would rather something else.

Face shape is very important in the decision of your hairstyle. What we often forget is that trying to pick a style is not necessarily as hard as it sounds. You already know your face and the styles that work on it so chances are the one you choose for your wedding day will be perfect.

If you have a round face, an up-do will look great! This is your opportunity to add in a hairpiece or long veil. Square face shapes look great with curls or a bun on one side. Half-updos also look great on square face shapes because they draw attention to all those beautiful angles. Oval and long face shapes look great with curly long or short hair – think bodacious curls either gathered into a half-updo or pulled off to the side. You can use a veil but for oval and long faces, but with these you want to draw attention to the face and hair and not drown yourself in fabric.

If you’re not sure whether your hairstyle will match your face shape, make sure to ask your hairdresser. There’s usually a way to make any hairstyle or hairpiece work, as long as it fits your overall look and ensemble! Remember, this is your wedding day – the hairstyle you pick is sure to wow everyone.


by Sarah Zoschke

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