Do you have some little children in your life that you can’t imagine your wedding without? We totally get it! Kids can make your day that much more special and let’s face it, cute! But how do you keep them busy and occupied during such a long day, and still include them in the celebration and festivities?

Here are our tips and tricks to keeping the children at your wedding happy and busy.

The Ceremony

The Ceremony is such an important part of your day. Whether the children are a part of your wedding party and need some encouragement to make it down the aisle without a meltdown, or just need to be occupied during the ceremony as you commit forever to one another.

Are they walking down the Aisle? You can promise them a treat at the end of the isle! Such as a big lollypop for them to suck on and be distracted by while you are saying your vows. You can leave this on their chair at the front of the chapel, or you can even go so far as to get the groom to stand holding it out for them as they walk down the aisle. We promise this will make for some adorable photos!

Do you have some babies or teething kids? They can often be making a noises and difficult to find a good distraction for. We suggest buying them a little present to thank them for being a part of your day! Chewable Jewelry is so adorable and will keep those babies munching and distracted.

 Check it Out Here!Older children often have a bit more patience and will sit and listen through your ceremony, but you can always give them something to look forward to at the end. What better to do this than, Bubbles! Come on! Who doesn’t love bubbles? It’s such a fun way to celebrate as you head down the aisle.

The Reception

The reception is an awesome time to share a meal, share some amazing firsts and let loose and party! But you don’t want the kids letting loose too early on so we have created some ideas to keep them happy until the party really begins!

Disposable Cameras are endless entertainment for the older kiddos – you can even give them a little ‘eye spy’ list of wedding snaps they could capture at your wedding, and tell them to be creative. In the end, you will love getting to see your special day through the eyes of the special kids in your life.

Having an outdoor wedding or have a space outside the kids can colour? Give them some a box of sidewalk chalk to go and draw some designs or even make a hopscotch board to keep them busy until the dancing starts!

Give them some cute little colouring pages and some crayons to keep them occupied.  You can make them a booklet that has pages related to your wedding day.Or, you can even take it one step further and cover the entire table with brown/white paper leaving endless opportunities for colouring fun!

We found an awesome downloadable wedding colouring book, take a look Here!

“We knew we wanted to have kids at our wedding and also wanted them to be a part of what was going on so we chose to reach out to a close friend and invited her to be part of the party as our Wedding Babysitter, and look after the little ones. She was amazing and I know the parents really appreciated having her there so they could enjoy their evening.” – Bryn Perras (Bride)

Our favourite advice is to hire a babysitter! Hire someone to watch the kids in your bridal party during photos and play games with them to keep them clean and happy and allow their parents to still enjoy being guests or fulfill their roles of being in your wedding party! Create a kids table at the back of your seating chart closest to the exit door (and the bathroom!) The babysitter will keep them occupied, rush them to the bathroom quickly and quietly and will take them out of the room to play games during speeches.


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