When taking photos on the big day, remember to have fun with them! You probably want to get a few sophisticated ones for your family, but you also want to let your personality shine through – and the best way for that to happen is to take some fun photos as well.

As a couple, this is your time to celebrate your union and the fact that you are getting married, so don’t be afraid to use props or even just to make funny faces or poses. You can even do the same thing with your bridal party – you want to have fun with them, too!

A few of my personal favourites include the photo in which the bridal party show off a range of colourful shoes and the one in which each member of the bridal party holds up a blackboard sign that says where they met the bride or groom. It really adds a personal touch to a bridal photo! You could also try gag photos – having the bridal party gawk at the groom’s ring or putting the bride into a serious pose with the groomsmen are always fun.


Elif Rey Photography – Jamie and Vince

The other thing to keep in mind is to use the entirety of your venue. Whether it’s an old barn, a waterfront dock or even if it has a perfectly romantic spiral staircase, you picked this place for a reason. Your venue is a photo shoot set all ready for you, so take advantage of it!

You’re paying for the photographer and the services, so take all the photos you like – this is your big day and the photos will help you remember them for a lifetime. Let loose and have a little fun – say cheese!


by Sarah Zoschke


Featured Image: Dave Abreu Photography – Charlotte and Hermann

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