The planning of your wedding is going well – until you get to the seating chart. Nobody wants to deal with planning the seating for their family and friends because if someone is sitting in the wrong place, it could cause some drama. Seating charts are also very detail-oriented and at times overwhelming – so they can be a lot to plan when there are other details you would much rather do.

wedding-table-1174151_1920When it comes to creating your seating chart, visuals always make it easier – so try some of these tips and create your own awesome plan!

To get started, there are so many online printable templates that you can use for your first draft. Make a few smaller-scale seating charts so it’s easy to move people around. Often, if you need something specific to your venue, they might even have an outline that you can use. Seeing a mock-up of your particular venue will help you visualize just how you want it to look.

Next, use the bigger picture: pick out something like a poster board and colour-coded thumb tacks. Draw out your first draft or ask any office store to print it on your poster board. This will make the tables bigger, so you’ll have a clearer idea of how much space you need for each guest. Once you’ve got your poster board, print out your final guest list and attach each name to a thumb tack. By using certain colours for friends, family, work colleagues and others, you’ll be able to visualize who should (or shouldn’t) be seated near whom.

tables-848063_1920If you’d rather have an electronic version, there are so many websites with downloadable and editable seating charts. This way, when you get last-minute changes through email it is very easy to go into the seating plan and make changes.

These are all great options and will make this dreaded task more fun. Just treat this like pulling off a Band-Aid – quick and painless so you can move on to other fun details. Enjoy!


by Sarah Zoschke

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