The countdown is on and anticipation of the day of your dreams is about to come true. It’s your wedding day, and its all about YOU, or is it? We totally understand that as a Bride, your wedding day is YOUR day. It’s an event you likely have been dreaming of since you were a little girl, a day to gather with those you love most in this world and celebrate a love that is forever. But maybe, your wedding can be about you, as well as have a positive impact in the community or world that you live in.

Here are our top six ways to use your wedding to spread a little kindness and love in the world.

Bridal Party Bonding

Have a bridal party with friends from many groups of life, who don’t really know each other? It’s always a fun idea to get your best gals together and do something to allow people to get to know each other leading up to the wedding festivities.

An awesome opportunity would be to come together and complete a charitable act. There are so many possibilities such as baking goodies and making mini care packages for children at the local hospital, going out to support a local fundraiser together, or if you know someone who has a specific need, then working together to help them in that way! This will be beneficial to those in your community as well as giving your bride tribe something automatically in common.


Donate Your Dresses

“…and the best part is, you can shorten it and wear it again!” – 27 Dresses

Everyone knows this quote, a classic bridal quote referring to bridesmaid dresses and how you can always find use for them again! This may be true in some cases, but often they end up hanging in your closet collecting dust for years with no place to be worn.

This is where amazing organizations like the Corsage Project come in.

They collect gently used dresses for low income senior high school students who do not have the means to purchase a prom dress, their charitable organization grants the students the opportunity to have  a special night just like their peers.

There are many organizations that would accept your dresses, and be able to put them in the hands of another who will be delighted to have the opportunity to wear a gorgeous gown.

A So Kind Registry

So Kind is an alternative registry that promotes more fun, and less stuff! It encourages the giving of local or homemade gifts, charitable donations, secondhand goods, experiences, time, day-of-event help, and any other ideas that you could possibly come up with. It allows couples to bring more meaning into their celebration and choose gifts that they really want, and it reflects your lifestyle and values.

Support Small Companies That You Believe In

There are so many little local shops, that stand for giving back to communities, for investing in the local economy and support families and communities. There are so many individuals and businesses that offer incredible goods and services that will add touch of home, and individuality to your wedding. You can also look into many little local stationary boutiques that have re-used and recycled paper, which is good for the environment as well! We also suggest looking for companies that give back, and pledge to help others either locally or worldwide.

Supporting local encourages local prosperity, and gives you new creative pieces and services that will be unlike others weddings that you have attended. It’s people supporting people,  it’s such a beautiful thing!

Make a Donation on Behalf of your Celebration

There are endless little favours that you can send home with your guests to thank them for being a part of your special day. But, many a time those little gifts just go to waste. So why not make a donation on behalf of your celebration out of gratitude to those who supported you by attending? This can be your first charitable act as a couple, and we suggest thinking of the organization or causes that you are most passionate about as a couple and investing in them together.

It’s hard to think of a better way to enter a life together than allowing someone else to be blessed by the beginning of your love story.

Re-Gift Your Flowers

One of the most gorgeous parts of a wedding is the floral arrangements, they bring such life and joy to your special day. But why leave them to waste away, when they can have another life bringing joy and hope to someone in your community that really needs the emotional health boost that your flowers will provide them!

There are so many opportunities and people in the community that could benefit from your floral arrangement, whether its Ronald Mcdonald House for the families supporting little ones, patients starting their first days of cancer treatment or those who are in Hospice Care; your flowers provide hope and joy to someone who will benefit from it more than you will ever know. Ask a couple friends to take them home, make some little bundles and deliver them to places that would benefit from them in the community!


Our inspiration comes from the organization ‘Repeat Roses’ – check them out!

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