The drink menu, while super important to any party, can often find its way to the bottom of the priorities list during the wedding planning process. With so much focus placed on the guest list, the music, the venue, even the gown, it can be difficult to find time to jazz up the drink menu with more than just the basics. A charming drink menu, however trivial it may seem, can really perk up and distinguish a wedding party, so keep some of the following guidelines in mind the next time you take a look at that daunting task.

  1. Keep it seasonal

Wedding AdThink like Lauren Conrad and keep the drinks seasonal. Seriously, you have to admit that sipping on a tangy margarita is ten times more appealing during the heat of the summer, right? For an easy way to incorporate seasonal sippers into your drink menu, try including pre-made drinks and coolers, like Seagram Coolers. They have delicious flavours that can fit well with any season – try their Original Wild Berry for spring and summertime weddings and experiment with Green Grape for fall and winter nuptials.

  1. Stick to a theme

Rustic chic? Winter wonderland? Midnight in Paris? Whatever theme you’ve chosen for your wedding, include in the drink menu. While providing more variety for your guests, it’s also a charming reminder to keep the details in check. Beach wedding? Include fruity Bahama Mamas and creamy Piña Coladas. Sticking to a rose gold colour scheme? Try rosé spritzers.

  1. Consider your drinkers

photo-1438522014717-d7ce32b9bab9What kind of drinkers are they? Do they like their alcohol sweet or sour? Do they like to sip casually or take shot for shot? Can they handle hard liquor or is that cause for a messy end to the reception? These are important things to keep in mind when formulating a drink menu, as no one handles alcohol the same way. One tip? You can never go wrong with the right brand. Seagram Coolers provides fruity blends and quality ciders to universally appease a party as best as possible.

  1. Taste ahead of time

So you’ve decided to be a little creative and include some drinks you’re not entirely familiar with. How will you know if they can be received well? You drink them first, duh. That said, buying a bunch of six-packs and bottles of various types of liquor can be expensive and wasteful. Your best bet is to plan a drink-tasting event or, better yet, find one locally you can attend. You’ll be able to sample the products without the need to spend all your time and money consuming them in large quantities. If you’re in the GTA, an event called Beauty, Bling, and Bubbly on August 18 will be collaborating with Seagram’s to provide a liquor-tasting for attendees (and tickets are only $10). If you’re interested, you can buy tickets at

Happy drinking!

by Stefanie Cimini

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