Caution, the following may surprise you.

Some women have no idea what it means to be the Maid of Honour!

If you find yourself in this very honourable role, here are some tips as to what you are expected to do for the lovely bride-to-be.

image 1 prgh 1Be the Bride’s Right Hand Woman (24/7!)

Yes – I actually mean 24/7. In the middle of your work day you may receive 8 Facebook private message nervous breakdowns, need to call the venue for a last minute change, ask the cake baker to put the order through and then listen to her 3 hour rant about a troublesome bridesmaid. You will also need to be there for her when she changes her mind for the 14th time on what the wedding colours and décor theme should be. Whatever she can’t do, can’t handle, doesn’t have time for, or doesn’t want to do – you come in and save the day! Why? Because you are her right hand woman, her #2, her support throughout this crazy planning process. Embrace it. Become one with her and enjoy the ride.

image 2 prgh 2Stand Up For The Bride’s Marriage

It’s humbling to be asked to be a MOH and is usually reserved for those who is a very close friend to the bride or related. However, being a MOH isn’t just about the wedding planning. It’s about supporting the marriage. You would think – of course I support her marriage…until you get a call 4 years later saying she is fed up and wants a divorce. Marriage takes work and you stood by her on her wedding day as she shared those vows. For better or for worse until death. Are you going to be their relationship cheerleader, reminder her of all the good times and why she loves her husband, or will you jump on the man bashing wagon. Don’t ignore her if she is miserable but understand that your role is to help make their relationship work if she reaches out for help.

image 3 prgh 3Plan The Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

Listen carefully, as I’ve heard many MOH’s say this doesn’t apply to them. This is YOUR job. This could actually be the best part of the wedding planning process for you and the girls. After all of the stress, panic, ups and downs – you girls need to let loose and enjoy yourselves. As the MOH, you are leading the charge on planning these events, but you can also be supported by the mothers (for the bridal shower) and the bridesmaids (for the bachelorette). They will be looking to you for the next steps. If you aren’t very creative or are not sure what the bride is looking for, find a way to ask the bride what she wants and gather information to share with the rest of the group. Once the bride shares her feelings, you and the team can brainstorm the rest. When in doubt? Google is your best friend. The earlier you start planning, the more time you have to overcome potential obstacles.

In addition to these three incredibly important responsibilities, there are many other things the MOH will be expected to do on the day of the wedding. You can always look those up online, ask your wedding planner, read them in a magazine or even ask the bride what she will need help with. Follow these tips and you will be crowned the “unstoppable, indestructible” Maid of Honour. You know the bride best and being there for her when she needs you most will keep her confident and ready to marry the man of her dreams.

By Ashley Victoria Guy


Featured Image: Jamie and Vince

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