Naturally, the bride usually takes the spotlight when it comes to wedding preparations. Google “getting ready for your wedding” and about a million blogs will come up listing tips for the bride. What about the groom? He may not be spending as much time on Pinterest drooling over skincare tips and tricks, but he’s definitely conscious of how he should ‘groom’ himself before the wedding. No fear, fiancé, here is your guide to looking your best on your big day.

One month before…

dumbbell-940375_1920Get fit. Start watching your diet and hitting the gym around this time. Maybe you’re looking to shed a few pounds, maybe you’re looking to gain a little muscle to fit in that suit, but starting a conscious regime of fitness about a month or two before the wedding is a good idea. You may not be able to shed a ton of weight, but it’ll definitely give you time to tighten those abs and lose that extra holiday weight that’s been hanging around. Bonus: you’ll be looking extra sharp on your honeymoon!

One week before…

Get a haircut. Haircuts, especially for guys, can be risky if done the night before the wedding. Allow a week for your hair to grow out a bad cut or assimilate nicely to a good cut. Make sure you trust your barber. Keep the cut neat and tidy, otherwise Mom will definitely have something to say.

haircut-1007891_1920Get a facial. Sounds girly, but you’ll thank us later. Going in for a professional facial can do wonders for your skin. Don’t you want to look back on your wedding photos when you’re old and grey and reminisce about how much the two of you glow? If there’s one time in your life where you need one of these, it’s this one, so just suck it up and go for it. Who knows, you might find them addictive.

Get waxed. This one’s more of an optional courtesy to your future wife. If you want to look smooth and remove some unwanted body hair, go for a wax. Yeah, it’s painful, but the pain lasts for a second or two and the sleekness of your body after will completely revolutionize the way you view hair removal. Going a week before may be okay if your hair grows back slowly, but for ultimate results try going 2-3 days before the wedding. What you wax is solely under your discretion (we won’t tell).

The day of…

wedding-1031493_1920Get a pedicure. It’s not shameful, it’s considerate. Whether you were a soccer player in high school with permanently mangled feet or just failed to see the use in moisturizing your cracked heels, nasty feet are never attractive. You may not be doing any rituals at your wedding that involve removing your shoes, but your honeymoon is sure to have a lot of barefoot action in the sand, so do yourself (and your bride) a favour and get them done.

Get shaved. Whether you want to do this yourself or get it professionally done, you’ll definitely want to save your shave for the day of the wedding. Getting a professional shave at a barbershop may seem scary at first, but you’ll reduce the risk of nicks from wedding nerves. Plus, it’s a great bonding activity if you and your groomsmen decide to go in for a group shave.

Get dressed. The moment you’ve been waiting for. Make sure everything is stainless, unwrinkled and fits properly. You are now ready to be married.


by Stefanie Cimini

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