Trends are constantly emerging in the Bridal fashion realm. Besides the obvious necessities, such as perfect shoes or dangling earrings, new accessories and ways to wear them are coming in with the Fall 2016 season. Knowing what styles you are comfortable with and what trends you want to follow for your wedding will help in your search for those accessories.


Shoulder Necklaces

Shoulder what? That’s right! Shoulder necklaces are the absolute perfect accessories to a beautiful strapless gown, seen here in our Modern Country shoot. Necklaces are one of the most historic pieces of jewellery throughout the ancient world. With all the intricate detailing in these stunning shoulder necklaces you eliminate the need for overkill in other areas such as earrings. If you really want to hear gasps in the crowds, don a shoulder necklace!

Lace Cuffs

Dainty diamond bracelets or a set of bangles are always a nice touch to any bridal look. Personally, I have a phobia of bracelets because I am terrified they will catch on my outfit! The new rage however are lace cuffs around the wrist. It enhances your dress and adds a romantic softness to the overall bridal look.

Bedazzled Clutches

Another “must-have” bridal accessory, not just for the Bride but for the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids as well, are clutches. Where else does our Dior lipstick go for the night? Jewel encrusted clutches are dominating many Bridal looks. With a clutch that is soaked in crystal embellishments and glittering details it will glam up a more simple and classic dress.

Screen shot 2016-04-01 at 1.51.58 PMHeadpieces

Like necklaces, they have a strong history in ancient cultures. Now, I’m not talking about parading around with an Egyptian headdress and risk whip lash! Traditional veils being worn less and may continue to decline well into next year. Think Swan Lake! Natalie Portman wore a gorgeous feather headpiece with pearl and crystal detailing. These ballet-esque headpieces complement pretty up-do’s and add a gentle feminine touch to any Bridal look. We love the 2016 Collection from Ilieana George.

No matter what accessories you choose for your Bridal look, ensure you are comfortable with them. Make sure they don’t look too overwhelming (consider your dress and venue) and that you feel like the Bride!

Be sure to join us on August 18th at our “Beauty, Bling & Bubbly” event here in Toronto to check out our accessory vendors! To purchase tickets, please go to the link provided

by Ashley Victoria Guy

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