For some of us, glitter was one of the most exciting parts about being a kid. You could use it in crafts, you could use it for projects, you could even put some in your hair if you wanted to (a trend that’s definitely making its way to adults currently). So at what age does this fun trend seem too childish? Good news – it never has to!

Lucky for us, the modern bride can find ways to incorporate just about anything into her wedding and still make it a classy event. If you’re a princess at heart and would do anything to have a bit of glitter at your ceremony, keep reading for some inspiration. We found a photo from Pinterest that says it all! Thanks to DeerPearlFlowers for posting!

4c4563238e8e674a77addd5eb4db41c0Suggestion #1: Bridesmaid dresses

Although the idea of it may scare you by its flashiness, there are tons of beautiful bridesmaids gowns that contain glitter but aren’t too over-the-top. Gold glitter especially can make bridesmaids look incredibly glamorous, without running the risk of upstaging the bride. If you are the bride and are simply dying for some glitter yourself, you can also incorporate this fun trend by featuring some glitter accents in your wedding dress – a sparkly belt, for example, or a glittered hem.

Suggestion #2: Cake and desserts

A wedding cake with edible glitter fondant? Cinderella would be proud. But there’s no need to stop there, especially if you aren’t having a wedding cake period. There are tons of desserts that you can incorporate edible glitter into. Why not tiered cupcakes with glitter sprinkled on the icing? Or donuts dipped in glitter topping? When it comes to food, the options are quite literally endless.

Suggestion #3: Accessories

For a more subtle approach, you can include glitter into your special day by incorporating it within your accessories. Sparkly shoes are always a favourite, especially in contrast with your white-as-snow dress, but why not try a glittered hairpiece? Or maybe a shimmery veil? And don’t forget about your nails – a sheer pink with glittered accents will make you feel like a princess no matter what.

Suggestion #4: Decorations

Depending on how intense you’d like it, glitter can be incorporated in just about any of the wedding decorations. For a cheap and charming alternative to expensive vases and candleholders, try coating mason jars with your choice of glitter and using them. Signs, seats, dishes, and tablecloths are also some interesting decorations that can sparkle. Just make sure that whatever you choose to bedazzle, you keep the rest simple and clean (you don’t want to give your guests a head-ache).

by Stefanie Cimini

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