Whether your approach to your wedding is laid-back and chill, chic and stylish, or traditional and elegant, there’s a type of catering style right for you. Decide for yourself which of the following applies most to you, then consider the catering style suggestion for your big day!


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The Girl (or Guy) Next Door

Your friends and relatives have always considered you easygoing. Your ideal date night is watching a movie at home with comfy clothes on. Your hair is always kind of messy but it’s never been that big of an issue for you. Your favourite article of clothing is a pair of blue jeans you’ve worn to the death. Your approachable nature attracts too many people in turning to you for advice, just because you’re “so chill and relaxed.” If you’re the type of person that likes very little fuss, a relaxing environment, and an interactive atmosphere, then maybe a buffet-style catering service is right for you. It takes off the stress of having to adhere to every dietary restriction personally while giving the guests a more social experience.


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The Chic Parisian

You love all things chic and trendy. You may not be French, but you sure act like it. Living life to the fullest is your motto, and that means never skipping out on a taste of that rich chocolate cake. Champagne isn’t just for special occasions, nor is wine. Luxury is the essence to enjoying life. You cannot believe the amount of money kids these days spend on flashy clothing brands, but you don’t mind dropping the same amount for a good quality piece of lingerie. For the savvy, chic, and stylish wedding, perhaps an appetizer reception is right for you. This saves money from not adhering to the typical heavy and expensive sit-down meals while also keeping guests constantly interactive. Though seemingly small, appetizers can be charming and filling so long as you have constant waiters and waitresses making sure to be fully equipped at all times. Oh là là!

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The Timeless Beauty

You’re classic and timeless. Your wedding is special not only for you, but for your family. Your wedding band has been passed down from your fiancé’s great grandmother and you’re wearing your mother’s veil. Tradition is a key element in your wedding style. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor are your fashion icons and you find something oddly sexy in Humphrey Bogart. If your approach to life is graceful and ladylike, then sticking to the traditional catering style of seated meals may be for you. It’s a classic custom that never goes out of style and with so many types of catering companies out there the options are never limited in the taste department. Plus, you definitely want at least one of your guests to Instagram their pretty plate!


by Stefanie Cimini



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