We just want our pictures to beus,” the bride-to-be expresses with her eyes shining. For the past 20 minutes, the happy couple has been sitting across from me, cradling coffees and chatting11996583_10154248266179466_745645155_o about how they found each other – and I especially love hearing about the proposal story from the groom’s perspective.

So what will make you happiest on your wedding day?I ask.

Hmmmm. seeing his face as I walk down the aisle.” She turns to her fiancé as he smiles his approval of her statement, and all I can feel is the moment between them.

This meeting with new clients is always one of my favourite parts of my job – it’s when I get to discover the story I will be capturing. As a wedding photographer, I am very aware that every journey is different, and that I am simply the visual biographer of a love that cannot be replicated.

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The brides who contact me like the way I see their wedding day: full of light, colour, and intimate moments with the warmth and celebration of family and friends. I see the ridiculous moments where the dog stands on your wedding dress, the completely intentional double-chin pose with your maid of honour, and the over-enthusiastic attention the groomsmen give their hair when it comes to their selfies.

I see the family moments with your great-aunt who was miraculously able to come to the ceremony, with your dad (and all those family cars he obsessively washed to perfection in anticipation) as he grapples with letting his little girl go, and with your mom who can’t seem to stop crying because this is her dream for you.

11993134_10154248264889466_1764828263_oI see your wedding party, those perfectly lovely, perfectly crazy people you chose to surround you on your wedding day. All of the inside jokes will come out today, and you’ll find yourself worrying about ruining your dress with all the laughter – and I see the moment when you shake your  head and realize just how blessed you are to have these people as your best friends.

I see the details that you chose so carefully to reflect not only your own style, but to represent what love looks like to you. To some it’s soft and romantic, to others it’s bold, bright, and colourful. Some keep it simple to highlight the sentiment, while others pull out all the stops to show that love is a party that can never be rivaled.

And finally, I see just the two of you. There will be moments to pull away and to breathe, and I will snap a few photos that are directed, not posed, to bring you both into a place where you feel stunning and genuine. I always hope that couples look back on that moment and feel loved, celebrated, and beautiful like the rockstars they are.

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