Throughout the last few seasons, bridal fashion has been showcasing a certain classic taste!

wpm_stylized_shoot_versailles_11Gowns have been designed with a very vintage flair, and as we head into the summer season and the launch of our Summer 2015 issue, this incredibly popular trend is showing no signs of disappearing. Brides choose this sweet, classic style for its romance and flexibility. Vintage-styled gowns are well-suited to any sort of wedding, anything from a high-class, formal wedding to a casual, outdoor afternoon ceremony.

This issue of the magazine focuses on everything Vintage mixed with Glam and the dresses we chose showcase the understand elegance of tradition and class.


So what makes a vintage-styled bridal gown? To get this look, think softer, traditional fabrics like laces and chiffons for a natural, flowing appearance. Floral accents in the laces and added to gown designs enhance these qualities! Combine these fabrics and accents with modern cuts for a stunning combination of vintage and contemporary fashion, or add in traditional features like shoulder straps and illusion necklines for chic sophistication!

The photos used in this article were taken from two of our Vintage Glam shoots from the Summer 2015 issue – Versailles and Mexico. You can see the rest of the photos from the shoots by clicking the links below.

Want this look for your wedding? Go to our Vendor Showcase section and find the vendor that is just right for you.


by Erin Green


Randy Lange Photography – Versailles

Perfect Impressions Photography – Mexico


Feature Image:

Songbird Vintage Wedding Dresses

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