Wedding Favours.

Just one of the hundred decisions you need to make for your big day. If you decide to relieve some of that stress and choose to donate that money to a charity, make sure to consider both sides of this controversial topic. Some guest’s will support you assisting a really good cause and doing something that could change someone’s life. On the other hand, some of the guests might feel that you didn’t even care to give them a small token of appreciation.

This topic weights differently on people but at the end of the day it is your decision. To help you towards your decision I have listed potential reactions from both sides of the matter.


In support…

“I really didn’t need another favour”

Most people are being honest. There is only so much you can do with 3 sets of espresso cups or plates that are “decoration”. Candy packaged nicely is (sometimes) better then a gift because most people will actually use it.

“I’m glad they put it towards a good cause”

We live in a society that’s spoiled. If the couple wants to give to a charity that needs it then they should do it. I’m sure guests’ will survive without getting that heart-shaped corkscrew or box of matches. 

“It is their money to spend not mine”

Just because they had enough money to get a bunch of exotic animals to walk into the reception with them doesn’t mean they don’t have a budget. Maybe they wanted to show guests that saving wildlife is important and the beauty they bring to this earth.


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“They still should have given something to us”

Just because the couple gave a good cause money doesn’t make it a favour. At the end of it, you gave the donation and the charity got the money. How is this a favour towards your guests’?

“You donate money at a funeral not at a wedding”

Weddings are about starting a new life together. If you wanted to support a good cause during your moment then you should have told all your wedding guests to donate to a charity of their choice instead of giving you a gift. 

“I would not support that cause”

When you decide what organization to support make sure it’s not something controversial that would spark unwanted conversation. If you’re passionate to donate to a certain cause don’t think that other guest’s feel the same way.


All of these responses are potential reactions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people will actually say these things. Just be aware there might be that one guest that will side eye your choice. If that doesn’t bother you then do it, but don’t convince yourself that some people will not see this as a bad gesture.


Bianca Guarnaccia holds a business degree in marketing and also has her certification in wedding and event planning. Her lifelong dream is to work in the fashion industry and  one day to be on television. Her interests include travelling, shopping and keeping up to date on celebrity gossip!


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