The destination wedding is a trend that’s taken storm recently, for more reasons than one. What started as a cost-savvy option has widely become ideal for many young couples designing their dream wedding, combining budget-friendly options without sacrificing style or location. If you’re considering a relaxing beach-side wedding or a rustic European locale, or even if you haven’t considered it before, the following may have you dreaming of your perfect wedding destination!

Seaside coastline.

Seaside coastline.

It’s cheaper.

Because guest lists tend to be smaller with destination weddings, they aren’t nearly as expensive as big, locally thrown weddings at home. Many companies also offer all-inclusive packages that give guests (and yourself) cheaper rates, so it’s like everyone’s paying for a dream vacation at a discounted price!

The weather is much more reliable.

What’s so frustrating about Canadian weather is the unpredictability of it, even in summer. Throwing a wedding somewhere tropical can significantly raise the chances of a sunny, rain-free wedding for you and your guests to enjoy.

Cruise ship in port

Cruise ship in port

It’s your fairy-tale dream come true.

Nothing compares to the aqua blue waters of Cuba, or the rustic romance of France. With a destination wedding, you quite literally have the world at your fingertips for the most picture-perfect backdrop to the day of your dreams. If that’s not enough to make you feel like a princess, what is?

It’s a combined honeymoon.

The very best part about a destination wedding is that it’s the best day of your life and a dream vacation all wrapped up in one. You and your significant other can jet off to another, more romantic location, like another hotel or resort, for some alone time after the wedding while guests get to spend the rest of their vacation relaxing. Which brings us to our next point…


A vacation for your guests.

As mentioned, your guests may have to shell out some extra money to attend the wedding, but they’re also enjoying a vacation of their own on top of all the wedding festivities. Instead of a one or two-day event, they have much more time to relax and unwind; typically about a week or more, depending on the location and how involved with the wedding they are. You get to honeymoon, and so do they!

A destination wedding can prove to be much less work than you originally envisioned for your wedding. Raise your chances of having your dream day and opt for a destination wedding!


by Stefanie Cimini

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