If you are engaged, you probably know all too well the stress of planning a wedding can cause a major strain on your relationship. At some points during your engagement, you may have even lost sight of what is important to you as a couple. The magic of love is temporarily lost and you may be wondering how to ignite that spark again. Here’s some advice on how to keep the romantic flame alive.

pexels-photo-29353Plan time for each other.

This is hard. You and your future spouse may have set up the perfect checklist and schedule to be able to get everything done on time for your wedding. However, did you plan any date nights or “nights off” from wedding planning? Add to your plan at least one date night per month where you can go out for dinner, watch a movie, visit an art gallery or even just go for a walk. Make this date a priority and don’t cancel unless you’ve planned a day to replace it.

Be spontaneous.

Right now you are probably in the mood to “plan” everything. From deadlines to checking items off the list to appointments, you may feel like you have lost your sense of adventure. Going away on an unplanned vacation or day-trip is exactly what you need to get your mind out of this rut. In cases when you are finding it hard to function on so many deadlines, hiring a wedding planner will help you take time for yourself and they worry about what needs to get done.

romantic-sun-drink-dateRemember the little things.

When you are running from appointment to appointment, you forget that the little things you did while you were dating for the other person. Attending catering meetings and venue visits together is a great way to stay connected during the planning process, however bringing flowers home or a surprise dinner cooked by your is perfect to show that you care.

This is the time to get to know each other more and in unique situations before you are married. Time will go by fast so don’t take it for granted and enjoy each other’s company. Happy Planning!

by Sarah Zoschke

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