Today on the TWPM blog, we’re going to be doing something a little different! If you haven’t heard, we’ve done a brand new relaunch of The Wedding Planner Magazine YouTube channel. Our very first video was on making the tissue paper flower décor pieces you see in the thumbnail. How cute are they?

The whole idea for these flowers started out with an awesome Pinterest post we came across by Annette Briseno, but you’ll see in the video that we deviate from her design to create not just one, but a whole array of unique flowers. And trust us, it’s the simplest D.I.Y. you’ll ever make!

Watch the video to for a complete visual guide on how to create these ornaments, but here is a written version of the instructions to skim or refer to later:

The items you will need are:

1) Square tissue paper (1 per flower, in the colour of your choice)

2) A stapler

3) A stencil (we used the rim of a small bowl)

4) A pencil

5) And a pair of scissors

Step 1: Fold a piece of tissue paper into smaller and smaller squares, until you’re happy with the size – this square will be just a bit larger than the final product.

Step 2: Use your stencil and pencil to trace a circle outline onto your tissue paper square.

Step 3: Staple the square in the centre twice to form an X.

Step 4: Take your scissors and cut around the outline.

Step 5: Using your scissors once again, cut a simple, repeating design around the edge of the circle.

The original Pinterest design was created by making short, straight cuts into the tissue paper, but in the video we show several different designs as well.

Step 5: Start crumpling! This step is as easy as using your fingers to pinch around the tissue paper to crumple it towards the centre layer by layer. Start out packing the tissue paper more tightly together to create room for the lower layers, but in general you can eyeball it to create your desired shape.

We hope you make these beautiful D.I.Y. flowers yourselves! If you do, be sure to take pictures and tag us on social media so that we can find them and like them. And if you haven’t to the TWPM YouTube Channel for our latest wedding inspiration videos!

by Chantal Lim

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