Choosing your wedding date is the most important detail of your wedding. It is the finish line for the seemingly endless planning and details. Of course it dictates when you pick out your wedding dress and when you plan to have your bridal shower, but it is so much more than that. It is your anniversary day, the day that means so much to you and your partner year after year. For that reason when you pick the day you want one that is meaningful to both of you.

smartphone-925120_1920The first rule of choosing your wedding date is to choose it together. You want to be on the same page so that you both can look forward to that day. If you want to wait a year to get married but your fiancé wants to get married in six months, you’ll need to compromise and pick a day that is truly special.

The next rule is to pick a day with significance. Some couples have a favourite number – for example, mine is 22, so whichever month, season or year I pick it will probably be the 22nd day. Maybe you have always dreamed of a summer wedding: picking the day and then looking at the month helps you to narrow it down. Others may pick days that their parents or grandparents were married on, hoping this will bring good luck. Some cultures have specific lucky numbers that couples look to for deciding their wedding date. While others love the significance of a holiday and choose to be married on days like New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day.

mayor-917147_1920The last thing to consider when choosing your wedding date is whether you are ready. Will you have your planning done in time to make that day? It doesn’t hurt to pull out your calendar and discuss what day works best. Consider some of the details of your wedding you may have planned like the venue or floral arrangements. Both are time-sensitive and may make a difference on your overall decision. My best advice is once you have picked a day, call and see what you can book in terms of venues and florals. If these details and any others are able to be booked in then start advertising your special day because you have a wedding date.

Don’t stress so much about the day: as long as you are with the one you love any day will be special. Remember asking older family members about their special day, it is less about the date and more about the one you love.


by Sarah Zoschke

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