With today’s technology, staying connected has never been easier. You can check your email, send a few text messages, and even photograph your food from that little table in your favourite cafe. Cell phones have become a staple in our culture, but the increase in their popularity hasn’t really been matched by many new etiquette rules, and has left a few grey areas when it comes to events. Whether you choose a tech taboo or a blend of bridal and digital, it’s good to have an idea of how best to handle cell phones at your wedding.stockvault-mobile-phone160440

Pull the Plug

Maybe you’ve got your heart set on an unplugged wedding. You want people to be entirely present at your wedding, not checking texts or living behind their camera screens. And who knows when a rogue iPhone could show up to spoil your professional photos? Cell phones have a way of distracting people from even the biggest moments of a dear one’s life! If you’d rather guests left their phones alone at your wedding, make sure you let them know. Put a little request on your invitations, have a sign outside the door, or even have your officiant announce it at the beginning of the ceremony. It doesn’t have to be a big, high-school-principal type of warning – just a gentle reminder will do the trick.824221_49919412

Mix It Up

If you don’t want to make your guests ban the buzz, there are always some neat ways you could try to give phones a supporting role in your special day. For example, if you’re trying to save a bit of money on your wedding, or if you’d love to have a bit of variety, it could be a fun idea to ask your guests to be your impromptu photographers! This way, everyone can have their own unique memories of the wedding, and if you get them to send you the photos, you’ll have a plethora of perspectives! There are even apps that have been developed for just this purpose: you could try setting up with free ones like Wedding Snap or Wed Pics.

However you choose to handle the mobile wave at your wedding, make sure your guests know in advance what you’re asking of them. If they know what you want, they can help make your day everything you’ve dreamed of, whether you want to keep things quiet by keeping phones off and away or let your guests in on the photo fun.

Erin Green is a soon-to-be graduate of the Languages and English departments at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her life-long love of reading has created aspirations in the publishing world, and she is familiar with the Romance languages – perfect for her romantic side. She specializes in Spanish, with experience in the French and Italian languages as well.

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